Honey boo boo weight loss See Before & After-How Honey Boo Boo Lost 300 Pounds in Few Months


Honey Boo Boo Sheds Pounds: See Before & After Weight Loss Pictures

Honey Boo Boo aka Alana Thompson has shed some serious pounds and fans have been itching for a closer look at before and after pictures of her weight loss. The young reality TV star took to Instagram today to show a few gorgeous photos of herself. She was clearly feeling fabulous. And, she didn’t seem to care what her haters had to say.

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Many of her followers couldn’t help but point out how incredible Honey Boo Boo looks. While the young star didn’t get candid with the number of pounds she has shed… Fans can get a good idea by looking at some before and after pictures of her weight loss.

Honey Boo Boo sheds pounds: Before & after weight loss pictures

Honey Boo Boo shared a couple of stunning photos of herself on Instagram. Her followers couldn’t help but notice she has shed some serious pounds. Fans were impressed by how hard the young teen has worked on her weight loss. And, they applaud her for continuing to drop the weight. Below is a before and after picture featuring Honey Boo Boo showing off her most recent weight loss.

It was back in October of last year that Honey Boo Boo admitted to Instagram that she was also working on losing some weight. This admittance came after followers thought she was looking seriously slim in a recent Instagram selfie. She’s also dating now

In January of this year, we confirmed the 15-year-old isn’t just shedding pounds. She has also entered the dating world. Turns out, Honey Boo Boo has a boyfriend! Or, at least she did a few months ago. We haven’t received any updates since to confirm whether this is still a thing.

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And, she’s not letting haters get her down

Honey Boo Boo frequently catches heat in her Instagram comments. With nearly a million followers, this makes sense. But, she’s never let them bother her. In fact, she never hesitates to clap back at them either. Moreover, Honey Boo Boo is noticeably more mature than those that give us hate. She’s always quick to point them in the direction of the unfollow button. And, she questions why they follow her if they don’t like and support her. She has no time for the hate

So, do you think it looks like Honey Boo Boo has dropped some serious pounds? What do you think of these before and after weight loss pictures? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss Journey:

Honey Boo Boo Family Background 

Alana Frances Thompson, also known as Honey Boo Boo, was born on August 28, 2005, to “Mama June” Shannon and her then-partner Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson. 

June Shannonalso got her breakthrough when she appeared with her daughter as the child beauty pageant contestant. 

 Lately, you have seen her motivating people with her huge reduction in her size, from 24 to 4 and making statements about how she prioritizes being healthy over everything. 

Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss Journey 

Boo Boo Belongs to an Obese Family 

Honey Boo Boo’s entire family has a history of being obese. From her mother to her sisters, all were guilty of eating unhealthy food. As her “Uncle Poodle” told the world, “It’s June’s fault.” 

In an interview, Uncle Lee Thompson blamed Mama June in very harsh words. 

Lee states that if she controlled Honey Boo Boo at a very young age and made her eating habits healthier, alana’s shocking weight gain of 125 pounds would never happened while she was just 9 years old. 

He also told the media that he never saw Mama June cooking up food in her home. To confirm this claim, one of the crewmates of Honey Boo Boo even saw her eating 20 pieces of McNuggets, all at one time. 

At this time, Mama June Shannon struggled with her own weight gain, unable to move and do her functions normally. Apparently, the way she ate her food was all observed and then copied by her daughters, or she cared little about their health. 

If it wasn’t that way, obesity would not have been a disorder in all of their family. 

Reports also state that her other two daughters, Jessica and Anna, were also on the list of Obese persons. It was true until recently when they decided to write their fate again inspired by their mother. 

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