Rain expected to continue through Thursday

An SUV crosses the swollen stream in a heavy rain as a waterfall forms on Lincoln Avenue in Val Verde on Wednesday, 122921. Dan Watson/The Signal

Both rain in the Santa Clarita Valley and light snow flurries in the Grapevine are scheduled to continue through Thursday, according to National Weather Service officials.  

But while the chance of precipitation remains likely through Thursday morning, meteorologists believe, at least for the Santa Clarita Valley, that there will be scattered showers to partly cloudy skies heading into the weekend.  

A truck hits a flooded area on Hasley Canyon Road in Castaic as a heavy rain falls on Wednesday, 122921. Dan Watson/The Signal

“It’s probably going to pick up a little bit through late this evening into tomorrow morning, early tomorrow morning, and then the whole band is going to start kind of shifting off to the east,” Carol Smith, a meteorologist for the NWS, said Wednesday. “But by mid- to late-morning, it should be into scattered showers.” 

Following Friday, Smith said she doesn’t expect much rain to fall on the Santa Clarita Valley after that, and snow up Interstate 5, in higher elevations, is not expected to stick for long.  

“The snow level is going to be between 5,000-6,000 feet,” said Smith. “We don’t really expect to see anything stick below around 4,200 feet, but it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be some flurries there.”  

As for flooding, Smith said the National Weather Service had a flash flood watch out, but for the Santa Clarita area, it was really for the mountain and lower mountain areas that were near recent burn scars.  

“It’s not actually in effect for the Santa Clarita Valley. However, that doesn’t mean that you might not see some localized flooding, maybe some blocked culverts or water — during period of moderate rain, to be ponding in the roadways.”  

A car hits a flooded area on Hunstock Street in Val Verde on Wednesday, 122921. Dan Watson/The Sign

“It’s not to say that there isn’t a risk of minor nuisance flooding,” she added.  

On its website, the L.A. County Department of Public Works stated that from Wednesday to Thursday evening at 9 p.m., the areas in Agua Dulce (near the Soledad Fire in 2020), Castaic (near the Equestrian Fire in 2020) and the city of Santa Clarita (near the Tick Fire) had a potential forecast for debris and mudflow.  

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