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Many people are now all too aware about the importance of staying healthy. Our immune system is one of the most essential and powerful tools against viruses and other illnesses. We may have ignored this particular health aspect until recently, but it may not be too late to rectify this neglect. 

Prevention is always best for any health condition, which is why offerings like Resistol are so intriguing. From the looks of it, Resistol just might be a way to prevent a lot of illnesses and sickness. Let’s have a look at this option and see whether it stands up to scrutiny. 

About Resistol

Resistol is an oral dietary supplement that is aimed at helping its users to speedily recover from several kinds of illnesses. In fact, if these supplements achieve the goal of strengthening our immune system, a regular user might lower their risk of getting ill in the first place. 

Some users might take Resistol the minute they notice any problematic symptoms. With this practise, they will hopefully be able to see reduced symptoms of minor illnesses including the common cold. However, perhaps the best way is to take Resistol orally on a daily basis. Its formulation is meant to enhance immune support, so it makes sense to have Resistol as part of your everyday routine. 

The ingredients of Resistol consist of at least five herbs, along with some adaptogenic plant extracts. The combination is a unique one and completed after a lot of testing. 

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The Name Behind Resistol

Resistol is manufactured and distributed by the well-known health supplement company named Advanced Bionutritionals. This organization is committed to making supplements using natural ingredients and focuses on supporting the immune system rather than just dealing with symptoms. 

The company is based in Georgia and has four doctors in their research team. At present, it is marketing the supplement Resistol as an extra defense against several viruses. 

How to Get Resistol

At present, the only reliable way to get this supplement is through its company’s official website, The pricing is about $30 a bottle, which is quite low compared to most other health supplements on the market today.

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The Working of Resistol

Resistol is said to work due to its plant and herbal extracts. These have been carefully selected for their effectiveness at increasing the number of white blood cells in our bodies. Since white blood cells are the ones that fit against diseases and illnesses, having a certain level of them will enable the body to defend its system more efficiently. 

Most ingredients that are used to make Resistol are known as adaptogenic herbs. This means that they assist in managing stress, which is essential if we want to fight off health issues in a natural way. 

Adaptogens are also good at helping the body to manage both cognitive and physical repercussions of external stress triggers within our environment. These may include pressure from work, issues in relationships, or the pollutants in our atmosphere. 

Another way in which Resistol works is to reduce excessive inflammation in the body. With a lot of inflammation, our immune system has an increased burden to deal with, which means that it doesn’t get much left over to fight illnesses. With the inflammation soothing process, the components in Resistol can make it much easier for the immune system to focus on targeting more serious issues. 

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Ingredients for Resistol and their Respective Roles

There are five major ingredients in the Resistol formulations. Each of them contributes towards enhancing our immune system in some way. The company behind Resistol is transparent enough to let us know which ingredients these are and what role they play in the supplement. Let’s have a closer look at these substances now:


This is an Asia-based shrub that is believed to strengthen and balance the immune system. Andrographs are just now gaining a lot of recognition and popularity around the globe, but they have always been a crucial part of ancient medical practices in China and India. Their main use was for lung health and to deal with respiratory issues. However, Andrographis is also utilized for reducing body aches, fever, pain, congestion, runny noses, and a lot more. 

Since this incident helps to increase white blood cell count and soothe inflammation, it provides two roles in strengthening the immune system of anyone who takes it. 


Resistol also has a well-known herbal extract called eleuthero, which is used in transitional Chinese medication. This is also an adaptogen that assists the body in adapting to and managing stress. Since stress is known to weaken our immune system, having some sort of defense against it can help us both mentally and physically. This is also why the makers of Resistol say it can help users avoid that run-down feeling. 


Platycodon has been described on Resistol’s website as being a Korean-based ingredient that will clear up the lungs and nose. While it might be a common kitchen ingredient in Korea, it has also been used for several centuries in countries like Japan and China.

The main use of platycodon has traditionally been relieving sore throat and persistent coughing. It’s still not widely known, though, so its inclusion in Resistol is a unique decision. 

Prickly Chaff Flower

This herb is native to India, but it has benefits for everyone in the world. It contains a lot of flavonoids, natural antioxidants, and also anti-inflammatories. Moreover, this particular ingredient is instrumental in supporting the intended effects of the supplement, including an immunity boost and stress reduction. 

Again, prickly chaff flowers are not a very well-known ingredient. However, its unique role in Resistol is exactly what makes the supplement so different from other offerings. 

Chinese Licorice: 

According to the official website for Resistol and Advanced Bionutritionals, Chinese licorice is a very common ingredient in many kinds of Chinese medicines. It’s basically a transporter herb that helps active ingredients get just where they need to within our body. By including this component, the formulation gets a higher chance of absorption in the body, making the intended results easier and quicker to achieve. 

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Recommended Dosage

The daily dosage suggestion for Resistol is 2 capsules, though that might be tweaked when we consult a doctor before taking this supplement. However, these two capsules include each ingredient in a certain ratio and amount. They have 75 mg of Chinese Licorice (mentioned as only ‘licorice’ on the bottle label; 250mg of Andrographis;150mg of Prickly chaff flower;150mg of Platycodon and 120mg of Eleuthero. 

Why Should We Consider Resistol? 

There are many reasons why we should be using Resistol on an occasional basis, if not daily. Let’s look at some of these now: 

  • Each ingredient in Resistol has been selected after careful research and a lot of testing. They are also part of some ancient medicinal practices and have given benefit to several people for centuries. With this in mind, we should feel assured by the fact that the Resistol capsules have reliable ingredients in them
  • The company behind Resistol is honest and transparent enough to give us detailed information about each ingredient. Since we should consult a doctor before starting any new supplement, this information will really come in handy at that point. The doctor can pinpoint any ingredient that might trigger an allergy, while users can do their own research on the efficacy of each component. 
  • Each capsule of Resistol is completely vegetarian, with even the coating made of silica, calcium palmitate, and powdered cellulose as the binders and fillers. 
  • Advanced Bionutritionals has a well-equipped research team, with several doctors in their organization as well. This is why we can rest assured that their supplements have some scientific backing when it comes to their ingredients. 
  • There are several scientific studies and research papers that lend support to the choice of ingredients in Resistol. In fact, there is evidence that these ingredients have many additional benefits, including the potential to fight obesity and even some cancers. 
  • There are several great deals for Resistol available on its official website right now. We can order in bulk and save a decent amount of money. The bulk buying will also help us stock up on the supplement or place orders for those who might have the same health concerns. 
  • All the orders placed with Advanced Bionutritionals are covered by a refund policy that lasts for 90 days. This means that we have around 3 whole months to decide whether Resistol is worth or money or not. If we are not satisfied, there’s the option to return the product within 90 days and get our money back, no questions asked. However, it is worth mentioning here that any shipping fees will not be refunded. 
  • The supplement comes in a capsule form, which is good for people who are constantly on the go or just want peace of mind when it comes to their pills. Capsules are the easiest form of supplement to take, as all we have to do is down them with a glass of water. Other forms, such as liquid drops, powders, or creams are at risk of spilling, leaking, and require some effort every single time we want to use them. With Resistol, the only change is that we have to take a couple of capsules during the day. Of course, it also helps to make our lifestyle more active along with a healthy diet. 
  • The cost of Resistol is very reasonable, especially when you factor in the bulk deals. If we search for and buy all the Resistol ingredients separately, they will probably cost us a lot of hassle and much more money. With the Resistol capsules, though, you get all the ingredients in just the right dosage within a convenient capsule. 
  • The online reviews and testimonials about Resistol are quite heartening as well. Several users have said that using this supplement has managed to make their immune systems stronger, which has improved their lives in various ways. With this input from folks who actually use Resistol, we can be more sure of its efficacy and usefulness. 
  • These Resistol capsules can make the duration of our illnesses shooter, if not prevent them altogether. If they work well with our body, this could mean a massive reduction in our yearly medical bills. The price we pay for one bottle of Resistol is definitely less than any hospital visit along with medication and other traditional methods.

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Pricing of Resistol

As mentioned above, the base price for one  is around $30. This might be very affordable for most people, but it’s always nice to have some discounts. Fortunately, there are significant discounts for people who order 3 or 6 bottles in one go. 

For one bottle of Resistol, the exact price is $29.95. However, the downside here is that we have to pay $6.95 in shipping fees. 

For three bottles of Resistol in one order, the total price is $79.95. The shipping fees will also be applied here. 

Overall, the best deal seems to be the one with six bottles. If we order this package, we get all the bottles for $149.70. Even the shipping fee is waived when we order this bulk deal. 


Overall, it does seem like Advanced Bionutritionals has come up with an elective and beneficial supplement that helps to boost our immune system. If these capsules work for us, it can prevent or reduce the severity and duration of several minor illnesses. With increased white blood cell counts and reduced inflammation, our body could be ready to conquer even more serious health issues. 

The research and testing behind the ingredient selection of Resistol is also an impressive one. Since the company is transparent about the thighs they put in their capsules, it shouldn’t be hard to do our own research for extra reassurance. Of course, we can’t really tell whether the bulk deals on the Advanced Bionutritionals website will last very long. It’s probably best to get on over to the site and place our orders before the bottles sell out. 

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