Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Custom Stickers


Custom stickers are an affordable and easy promotional solution for any company. Business owners have been using them for a couple of years, and many small and large businesses use custom stickers to advertise their brand. Despite the advancements and popularity of digital marketing methods and social media campaigns, they still rely on custom stickers to promote their business.  

Custom stickers play an indirect or direct role in the brand-building process. Apart from the importance of required information, they are something businesses cannot expand without. Therefore, the designing process of these stickers is essential. With a creative custom sticker, you can easily engage with your audiences. To make the stickers impactful, you need to avoid some common mistakes. But do you know what mistakes you should avoid while designing the custom stickers? Here are the top 4 things you should avoid while designing the custom stickers.  

Choosing Inappropriate Container 

This is the first and most common mistakes business owners make while ordering and designing their custom promotional stickers. An appropriate container for the measurement of the stickers is vital. If you don’t choose an appropriate container, you’ll design stickers that are irrelevant to your business. Not only your marketing budget will go in vain, but also the stickers won’t work effectively. Depending on the shape and size of the containers, you’ll have multiple cutting die options to choose the container from. Custom window decalsthat are too large or too small might affect the appearance. Additionally, you might have to pay more while printing new stickers.  

Inappropriate Fonts and Graphics 

In today’s modern world, you’ll find various fonts and graphics on the internet. However, just because you love some specific font or graphic doesn’t mean they will look good on the custom stickers. You might think that fancy fonts will make the custom stickers attractive and legible. But the reality is the opposite of that. Some printing facilities don’t have these types of fancy fonts. As per Slidexpress, simple fonts are easy to read. Additionally, the fancy fonts are hard to interpret easily and people cannot read the custom stickers from a distance. Therefore, make sure you use simple and bold fonts to improve the legibility and attractiveness of your custom stickers. The same is applicable for graphics too.  

Color Consideration 

Despite the industry of your business, the customer often uses the chosen colors to recognize the brand. Before you finalize the ultimate printing process of the custom stickers, remember that each printer comes with a different printing capability. As proper color combination is essential for consistent branding, make sure you get press proof before printing the stickers. Most colors can be identified as CMYK and RGB. Nowadays, most digital printers use CMYK printing, whereas computer monitors run in RBG colors. Most of the stickers created in RBG don’t match the color of the printer. Therefore, it’s important to use CMYK.  

Inappropriate Adhesives 

You might design attractive custom stickers, but they don’t get stuck very well. This happens due to various factors including usage of bad or weak adhesives. The weak adhesives will be damaged with a slight touch of water, Therefore, make sure you use the right adhesives. There are multiple adhesives available in the market – repositionable, removable, and permanent. If you want to use the stickers in various climate and surface conditions, permanent adhesives are best. However, you cannot reposition these adhesives once you install them.  


Avoiding these sticker designing mistakes will help you to improve the label quality and appearance of your stickers. This way you can create the best promotional stickers for your business.   

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