Are entry doors with glass safe?


The need to replace doors can appear unexpectedly, so many owners try to choose a reliable and stylish model. Of particular interest are designs with glass panels, which allow maximum light to enter the hallway. 

But along with this, there are questions that concern every homeowner. Can entry doors with glass inserts provide reliable protection? Should ерун rely on the strength of glass or is it better to choose another option? Tips from United Porte will allow you to forget about such difficulties. 

Pros of using exterior doors with glass 

Choosing entry doors with glass is not so difficult if you first study the characteristics of the considered option. Country house owners who are worried about the safety will get the answers they need. 

Check out the key benefits of installing stylish glass panel doors and forget about your worries: 

  1. Nice view. It is difficult to stay behind a closed door when there are beautiful landscapes outside the window. Choosing glass doors will allow you to stay at home and watch the change of seasons. 
  1. More light. The sun’s rays have a positive effect on well-being and allow you to hide the lack of space. You won’t have to give up these advantages if you choose a design with glass. 
  1. Simple care. It is quite difficult to maintain a steel or a wooden door, which cannot be said about glass. Wipe the surface with any suitable detergentб and you will no longer have to worry about cleanliness. 

The aesthetic side of the issue is also attractive. Glass panels with interesting patterns look fascinating, so they are in demand. If you are planning to sell your house, this decision will increase the value of the offer. 

Types of glass for entry doors 

Advantages will allow you to enjoy the design of the selected doors, but doubts about exterior glass doors will not disappear immediately. In order not to worry about how safe it is to use such a design, it is worth studying the available types of glass panels. 

To begin with, it is worth clarifying that the thickness of glass should not be in doubt. The thing is that manufacturers prefer to install panels with high strength. To provide better protection, it is suggested to choose double or triple glazing doors. 

Laminated glass is not so easy to break or damage, so house owners don’t risk anything. To avoid troubles, it is worth setting up additional precautions: 

  • install the broken glass alarm 
  • use protective film; 
  • install security sensors. 

Tempered glass used for safe entrance doors has special strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Unlike the outdated materials, such glass doesn’t break into many pieces when broken. 

High safety requirements and no risks of injury allows you to safely use doors with glass for entrance. Choosing a reliable supplier and studying the main characteristics of the chosen model will allow you to avoid trouble and protect your property from breaching. 

Where to order custom exterior doors with glass 

The search for quality exterior doors with glass panels will definitely lead you to United Porte. A wide selection and reasonable prices will help you to choose a stylish model for your home. Thanks to the ability to choose high-quality fittings and a colour to suit your taste, it will be possible to emphasize your taste. 

Study the assortment and choose a particular model. The official website of the company provides detailed information that is required to make the right decision.

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