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Where you live has significant effects on your life. You may live in a rowdy environment and end up getting used to the busting lifestyle later to become an energetic person. You may also live in the less noisy suburbs and end up loving the sweet sound of silence.  

Talk of the economy, standard of living, occupation, healthcare facilities, diversity, and many other variables; the place you live may not even qualify as one of the best when measured with these standards. But, what do you do, stay or find a new place that promises a better future?  

If you’re considering relocating to another city, how do you know which states offer you the best of the standards? This guide discusses the 10 best states to live in USA.  

What are the 10 Best States to Live in?  

  1. Washington 

Several states pay state income tax in the US today, but Washington residents don’t have to do so. Combine this with the fact that the state also ranks third in the nation’s economy, with a yearly median income of $48.140. There’s more! Residents won’t have to worry about finding healthcare solutions in other states as the district also ranks fourth on health solutions. Talk about the crime rate, and you wouldn’t have to worry about walking the neighborhood afraid. The region also boasts of a beautiful landscape that will make you fall in love at first sight. 

Washington Facts 

  • No state income tax 
  • Forth highest healthcare provider in the US 
  • Forth best state with a high-quality educational system 
  • 15th state with less crime rate  
  1. New Hampshire 

After Washington, the next metro area you want to consider is New Hampshire. This region has some breathtaking sceneries like stunning mountains and scenic woodlands. You also experience various climate conditions from the summer to the winter, fall, and spring seasons.  

In crime rate, New Hampshire is one of the best states to live in as it ranks first. The state’s economy also thrives on industries like healthcare, education, and IT; it’s no wonder the region ranks sixteenth in healthcare, fifth in education, and has the thirteenth-highest economy in the nation.  

Facts about New Hampshire 

  • Healthcare: 16th 
  • Economy: 13th 
  • Education: 5th 
  • Crime: 1st 
  1. Minnesota 

The next best US state to live in is Minnesota. Due to the promising nature of the economy, the state offers new movers various job opportunities in different fields like healthcare, IT, and media.  

Apart from this, Minnesota is often likened to the garden of Eden. The region holds some of the most enchanting sceneries in the world. You’ll find great sea bodies and lakes within the state’s borders, such as Lake Superior and Lake Itasca. You’ll also find that Minnesota holds some tourist attraction destinations you’ve never seen before.  

The best part of living in this part of the country is its low standard of living while being able to experience the beautiful arts and culture of the city.   

Other Facts about Minnesota 

  • Healthcare: 10th 
  • Economy: 18th 
  • Education: 17th 
  • Crime: 16th 
  1. Utah 

Utah ranks fourth on our list today. There are so many things to enjoy in this state, the entertaining outdoor activities, the beautiful landscapes, the natural greenery and parks, extraordinary ski resorts, and many more. Utah ranks second in the nation’s economy, tenth in education, twelfth in crime rate and corrections, and tenth in the educational sector. Apart from this, residents enjoy an affordable and cheap standard of living.  

Facts about Utah 

  • US economy: 2nd 
  • Educational sector: 10th 
  • Healthcare: 9th 
  • Crime:  12th 
  • Infrastructural amenities: 3rd 
  1. Vermont 

If Utah doesn’t meet your expectations, you also can live in Vermont. In Vermont, you experience the friendly neighborhood lifestyle while surrounded by the scenic natural greeneries and clean environment. Added to this, you enjoy several fun outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding. For art lovers, Vermont will be a paradise on earth.  

Other Facts about Vermont 

  • Education: 8th 
  • Healthcare: 11th 
  • Economy: 29th 
  • Crime: 2nd 
  1. Maryland 

Our sixth-best state to live in the US is Maryland. With its location close to the nation’s capital, this district allows residents experience the perks of living in DC without the added cost of living. Maryland has some of the best and world-renowned healthcare centers, especially the John Hopkins Hospital, which has held its first position as the best hospital in the US for 21 years.  

Other Facts about Maryland 

  • Education: 13th  
  • Healthcare: 8th 
  • Economy: 26th 
  • Crime: 22nd 
  1. Virginia 

Our seventh-best state to live in the US is Northern Virginia. Also, closely situated to Washington DC, this state offers residents access to experience the big city lifestyle in the nation’s capital. Virginia boasts of a robust job market as it ranks 25th in the nation’s economy. The district also has some of the best-educated residents compared to other states. It’s no wonder it ranks seventh in the educational sector. Additionally, residents can enjoy the pristine view of nature even when living in small neighborhoods.  

Facts about Virginia 

  • Education: 7th 
  • Crime: 9th 
  • Healthcare: 18th 
  • Economy: 25th 
  1. Massachusetts 

Have you ever dreamt of attending the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT? Then, this state is the place to be. Massachusetts houses some of the top household name universities like Harvard and Boston College. The economy is outstanding since it owes its continued growth to diverse sectors like IT, healthcare, and entertainment.  

Suppose you’re considering moving to Massachusetts from anywhere in the US. In that case, you will need to hire an interstate moving company like Starkmovers to transfer your personal belongings to your new home.  

Massachusetts Facts 

  • Crime: 4th  
  • Economy: 7th  
  • Healthcare: 2nd 
  • Education: 1st 
  1. Nebraska 

In Nebraska, residents won’t have to worry about finding goof paying jobs. The statehouse has some of the top affluence jobs, plus the standard of living is low, including healthcare costs. Nebraska also boasts of its’s fair share of natural greeneries like other states.  

  • Education: 6th  
  • Economy: 21st 
  • Crime: 24th 
  • Healthcare: 27th 
  1. Colorado 

Colorado is last on our list of the best states to live in 2022. This state is a haven for lovers of outdoor sports, arts, history, and culture. Residents experience the joys of skiing while exploring the unique wildlife. In the nation’s economy, Colorado ranks first.  

Facts About Colorado 

  • Economy: 1st 
  • Education: 11th  
  • Healthcare: 12th 
  • Crime: 29th 


While there are various places with lots of great experience for residents, these states we’ve listed are some of the best states to live in America. So, if you’re planning your next move, you want to consider these 10 states.  

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