How to Repair a Sliding Door


Getting doors and windows fixed in a timely manner is imperative. In this post, we teach you all about sliding door repair, including repairing glass doors, sliding tracks, rollers, and hinges. We will also give tips on preventing future problems from occurring with these essential components.

When a sliding door malfunctions, there is a chance that the rollers are faulty. Start by checking if they have been fitted on the tracks properly. Then try adjusting with a screwdriver or pliers until you find out what works best for you.

Make sure you check the door alignment and make any necessary sliding door repairs. You may need some adjustments on your roller adjustment bolt on top or bottom doors, depending on where they are installed in relation to one another.

Sometimes, removing the cover is imperative in order to get to the screw. Sliding door repair may not be as difficult as you may think, as long as you have the right guidance. 

Steps to Remove A Patio Sliding Door

If you need patio sliding door repair, the door has to be removed. We take a look at ways of taking our and fixing sliding doors:

According to the Orlando sliding door repair company, replacing the doors with different ones should be a good starting point. However,  you also choose the separate repair patches which are available for this type. 

To open this door, first, lift the bottom-supported side. Get it in an upright position so they clear door tracks. Next angle that section outwards and pull hard on it until you can easily slide onto new rails in order to move forward or backward as needed flawlessly.

Doors come with removable molding to ensure that it does not fall out. In the event, the door is trapped by these, remove this piece first before trying anything else.

Look for the attaching screws. Use a paint remover to get rid of any paint or putty on the screws. Scrape off the remaining debris with a knife or screwdriver. 

A top-hung door should be easier to open. Just lift the door straight and pull it out. This makes the rollers come off the tracks if they’re not aligned correctly so make sure there aren’t any before you lift it.

Sliding Door Rollers Repairs

Are your rollers jammed or broken? It’s best to take action before they become a safety hazard. This is part of the sliding door repair measures to take. 

The first step of fixing this issue is inspecting the wheel itself for any signs that might indicate what type of problem there may be. 

It may be tightening screws if necessary so avoid causing damage by over-tightening them. Also, check for cracks that may be a result of extended use.  

Cleaning Rollers

Have you noticed dirt, pet hair, or other unwanted materials jamming the rollers? This should be upgraded. 

Some people may think their rollers are broken when in reality all they needed was some cleaning attention. With this, you will not worry about costly sliding door repair.

How to clean rollers:

  1. Unscrew the rollers from inside of your door’s bottom edge using a Phillips head screwdriver and be careful not to drop them on any surfaces since they can cause damage.
  2. Once unscrewed, carefully remove this metal plate so that you have access underneath for installing new ones once ready.
  3. Adjust the rollers with a round screwdriver head. Once you have unscrewed this, there will be two different size washers underneath it that can easily slide up or down to change how high they sit at any given time.
  4. When removing the rollers from your home’s weather stripping, be sure to clean them first. The parts might also still have some grease on them from previous attempts at installation.
  5. Gin up the turpentine, then get to work on those rollers. Clean them off with a brush and if necessary use that wire mesh. Once this preparation work has been completed apply some silicone spray onto them while reinstalling after making sure everything goes smoothly.

Fixing the Door Tracks

Anytime a sliding door fails to work as expected. Check the tracks for any dirt, debris, or any, other foreign objects before engaging in sliding door repair activities.

The loose dirt will cause failure on the door’s systems. Use a wire brush for cleaning the rails. For extra power, use turpentine for those pesky hard-to-reach spots.

 Silicone spray or paraffin can be used for lubricating the tracks. This should also be part of regular maintenance that you should do every so often in order for your hinges and tracks not only to operate smoothly but also to last longer.

Make sure that the shape of your track is top-notch. Where necessary, use a hammer to fix a misaligned rail. You can adjust rail guides with easy to adjust by simply adjusting the screws accordingly. In some cases, unscrewing is needed so as to reposition them before re-tightening. Use the set of fasteners again for an even more secure fit.

How to Fix A Sliding Door Catch

Sometimes, your sliding door rollers will be in perfect shape. However, the failure may be on the catch which forced you to need sliding door repair services. Fixing this problem requires the removal of the old bent piece of metal. Clamp them on a vise until they are reshaped back to their original shape.

Use a hammer handy or pliers to bend that pesky catch to an appropriate position. You can also choose to replace it and see if the door works smoothly. 

Once the door closes, there should be a click sound. If you notice any problems with your catch, replace them immediately so that this doesn’t happen again and will prevent frequent sliding door repairs.

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