Man detained after trying to enter Valencia elementary school for the second time


A man was detained after attempting to enter Valencia Valley Elementary School for the second time in a week, according to Newhall School District officials.  

Principal Amy Gaudette told The Signal Wednesday that while he did not seem to pose an immediate threat, he had tried to get on campus twice in an attempt to view the school buildings. 

“He legitimately just wanted to see the campus and he couldn’t understand why we couldn’t let him on campus,” said Gaudette, later adding: “He of course doesn’t feel dangerous, but since we don’t know him, he’s potentially dangerous to us and he had no business on campus.”  

In the first occurrence of the man reportedly trying to enter the campus, he was carrying a frying pan and had told the site staff that he used to be a student there and wanted to see the campus.  

In the second instance, reported on Wednesday, the school’s security system and protocols once again stopped the man from entering. Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene and the man was detained.  

“I feel bad that it got to that, but I also have a really strong responsibility to make sure that our kids are safe and cared for,” said Gaudette.   

Gaudette and Newhall School District Superintendent Jeff Pelzel confirmed no injuries were reported as a result of either incident.  

“I have requested additional patrol during drop-off and pick-up from both our sheriff’s and the security company that covers (Newhall School District) schools,” Gaudette told parents in an email sent out Wednesday.   

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