Rep. Garcia issues statement on Ukraine: ‘This is not their fault’


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Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, released a statement Wednesday night in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military operation against Ukraine, saying, “Tonight I pray for the innocent civilians and military personnel in harm’s way in Ukraine. This is not their fault.” 

He said that Putin, “one of the most dangerous leaders on the planet,” is taking advantage of the United States’ weaknesses. “We as a nation are reminded that our freedoms are not pre-ordained, they are earned and fought for. Just the same, peace is not deserved, it’s earned and fought for.”  
Garcia said that the new war is a by-product of the Biden administration’s failure to create “a stronger deterrence and failing to demonstrate to the world that the United States and our allies are to be respected. In the last year, we as a nation have turned our back on our allies, opened our own borders, and have adopted pretentious, progressive ideals that don’t promote true national security.”  

He added that he supports “military offensive and defensive equipment (not American troops), providing advanced offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, and sharing intelligence with the Ukrainian government that leads to the termination of Putin’s regime.”   
The war, however, is the only beginning, the congressman continued. “The unlawful steps Russia is taking against Ukraine are only the beginning. China formally annexing and attacking Taiwan is the end state of all of these actions. Taiwan will be in the crosshairs of China if we do not start growing a backbone as a superpower. Until then, the U.S. becomes more vulnerable every day this persists.” 

Garcia ended by praying for the people Ukraine “and those that will fight to defend their homeland. And I remind all Americans that our own freedoms are not preordained.” 

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