8 Housewarming Gift Ideas That New Homeowners Will Love


Whether you have an upcoming housewarming party or want to gift a friend or family member something useful to welcome them to their new home, picking the perfect housewarming gift can be both fun and challenging. Many of us like to buy housewarming gifts that will be practical for the new homeowners while not infringing on their personal style.

We’ve chosen a few of our favorite housewarming gifts that many new homeowners will enjoy and find useful as they transition into their new space. We’ve even included some last-minute gift ideas for those of you who are short on time! Take a look at the last section of this article for a few instant gift ideas that are quick and convenient.

Wall Art & Décor

A great gift idea that can add some personality to the blank slate of a new home is wall art. Often new homeowners are busy purchasing furniture and appliances, leaving their walls empty and their house lacking a sense of charm. Gifting them a piece of wall art will enhance their new space and remind them of you every time they look at it.

The more you know about the new homeowners, the more personalized you can get with your choice of wall art. Handmade paintings or custom pieces can be great for family members. If you don’t know much about their style, stick with neutral options and medium sizes that will work well with any décor style or room type. Printed canvases, framed posters, and second-hand framed art found at the thrift store are all affordable but unique options as well.

House Plants

A house plant can instantly bring life to a new home. Plus, there are an endless variety of houseplants to meet any new homeowner’s preferences and aesthetics. Even inexperienced house plant parents can be matched with the perfect plant to provide a bit of greenery and air filtration for their new space.

If you are unsure of the new homeowner’s experience with house plants, we recommend picking something easy to care for. This means a plant that doesn’t require too much direct light or a strict watering schedule. ZZ plants, pothos plants, and snake plants are all great choices that make a statement while being easy to take care of.

Video Doorbell

If you’re shopping for a gift for a new homeowner who values the security of their new home (and who doesn’t?), a video doorbell is a great gift to provide them with extra peace of mind. There are now a variety of video doorbell brands available with different features at various price points, so it is an excellent option for many new homeowners.

A video doorbell allows new homeowners to track who is coming and going from their front door via an app on their phone. Some doorbells even allow them to answer the door (via voice) while they are not home. They can also help deter people from stealing packages from porches or assist in tracking someone down if this occurs.

Coffee Table Book

A simple but statement-making piece of décor that many homeowners don’t think to purchase for themselves is a coffee table book, making it a perfect housewarming gift. Coffee table books come in various topics, sizes, and colors so that you can find something interesting for the new homeowners in your life.

If you know a bit about the homeowner’s interests or hobbies, look for a coffee table book within that theme. There are tons of coffee table books about fashion, sports, photography, travel, and more. If you don’t know much about your intended recipient, choose a home décor or design-inspired book that looks good in virtually any room.

Smart Bulbs

A smart bulb starter set is the perfect gift to help homeowners set the right mood in their new home. Starter sets generally include a hub to connect to a router and a few light bulbs that fit most standard lamps or overhead lights. Once installed, smart bulbs provide homeowners complete control over their lighting via an app on their phone, with some even allowing them to change the hue of the light for a proper rave.

This gift idea can be a ton of fun while also providing new homeowners more control over their home with the ability to create routines for their lights and even control them using Alexa or other smart home devices.

Custom Welcome Mat

To find a unique gift that your new homeowners definitely won’t receive from anyone else, design them a custom welcome mat for their front porch with the help of Etsy. Etsy offers tons of sellers who create customized welcome mats with family names, graphics of pets, or even totally custom phrases or graphics. Simply search Etsy for a ‘custom welcome mat,’ and you will find tons of size, color, font, and design options to choose from. 

Cookware Set

If your new homeowner enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a new cookware set or quality piece of kitchen equipment is a great gift idea. Cookware sets usually include all the essential pots and pans one may need to prepare most meals and can help a home cook truly step up their game.

Look for cookware sets that are copper, ceramic, or all-clad for the longest lasting and best quality. While nonstick cookware can be affordable and look appealing, the nonstick finishes can easily flake over time and lose their nonstick abilities.

Last-Minute Digital Gifts

If you need a gift now, there are plenty of last-minute digital gift ideas that many new homeowners will love and appreciate. An egift card to a furniture or home décor store is an excellent option if you are unsure of their design style. 

There are also tons of unique subscription services that send items like wine, spices, candles, or even hot sauces to new homeowners each month. If you know their favorite hobby or how they enjoy spending their free time, consider a monthly service such as an online course platform or workout membership.

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