A Title IX Lawyer Can Mentor All the Legal Proceedings of Wrongful Action Against You


Title IX regulations safeguard college students against any type of sexual harassment or discrimination within the premises of their school or college. The regulation guidelines apply to all those institutes that in some way receive federal government funding. If you have ever been a victim of sexual abuse or bullying, you must know how this regulation safeguards your freedom. 

For any discrimination that you or any of your friends has received or if someone in your educational institute has tried to oppress your rights, contacting the Title IX counselor in California could help you get righteous justice.  

A Title IX advisor in California can also be connected through law firms specializing in student defense cases like Lento Law Firm. Having an attorney as your advisor will make sure that you have someone by your side that can take care of the investigative process and also attend all the hearing sessions in the court.  

What counts as a Title IX violation? 

  1. Keeping sports activity restricted for a specific gender 
  • Athletic discrimination is very common in many institutions.  
  • Girls are either not allowed in a sports team or are bullied by boys of the institution’s sports team.  
  • The school must ensure that equality is observed while making sports teams in their institution.  
  1. Any form of sexual violence or abuse: 
  • Unwanted touching without consent, use of aggression towards opposite sex specially done by a senior student or staff of the school.  
  • All these factors and many more come underuse of sexual violence and is strictly prohibited under the Title IX regulations.  
  • Stalking and sexually suggestive conversations must never be used on school premises and are considered as harassment towards the opposite sex. 
  1. Gender-based discrimination on activities or education: 
  • Not providing equal educational activities to both the sexes is punishable under the law.  
  • Some health classes especially related to sex education are solely conducted for girls but not for boys.  
  • Even such educational arrangements are observed as discriminative activities and could be counted as a violation of the act.  

If such activities come to light in any educational institution, immediate action must be taken by school authorities and if such incidents are repeated, legal action is the right way to bring justice to all the students who have become victims of sexual discrimination or abuse.  

Law of 1972 was passed to put an end to the separatist views of many educational institutes, especially the teaching staff based on the sex of a person. Any misconduct based on the gender of a student can be reported under the Title IX amendment.  

Whenever you recruit an experienced Title IX lawyer, you have somebody paying special attention to every one of your inclinations – studies, sports, and criminal. Sadly, a Title IX charge of a sexual offense is very not avoidable and has serious repercussions. If you have wrongfully been charged with sexual misconduct allegations, don’t feel that you are alone. Your lawyer will guide you and represent you in all the dealings with the court.  

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