Santa Clarita No. 3 in tech company’s safe city rankings

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Even as violent crime is rising across the United States, Santa Clarita once again has been featured in a ranking of the safest cities in the country. 

In 2020 Santa Clarita ranked No. 3 on’s list of safest cities and earlier this month the city was ranked as the 13th safest by SafeWise. More recently, it earned the No. 3 spot in a ranking by Smartasset, a financial technology company.  

In its report, Smartasset said, “With 907 property crimes reported per 100,000 residents, Santa Clarita has the third-lowest property rate in our study” and that Santa Clarita “has the 16th-lowest violent crime rate (131 per 100,00 residents).” 

The study examined crime statistics from 200 cities across the U.S. and found that the safest cities were concentrated in California and Texas. The top five cities were all located in these two states with Santa Clarita sitting above two California cities, Sunnyvale and Glendale, and ranking below two Texas cities, McKinney and Frisco, the latter of which took the No. 1 spot.  

The statistics used in the report came from the FBI’s 2020 uniform crime reporting database and’s statistics for 2021 data. Statistics collected included rates for violent crime, property crime, vehicular mortality, drug poisoning and percentage of the population engaging in excessive drinking.  

“To find our final rankings, we first ranked each city in each metric. Then, we found the average ranking for every city, giving each metric an equal weight,” said the report. “From there, we ranked the cities based on their average ranking, giving an index score of 100 to the top-ranking city and an index score of 0 to the bottom-ranking city.” 

In response to the Safewise rankings earlier this month, Santa Clarita Councilwoman Marsha McLean said she and her colleagues are committed to these kinds of results, but that it’s ultimately about the feeling residents have here.  

“Making sure our families always feel safe is a high priority for me,” McLean said. “With crimes soaring all over the nation, for Santa Clarita to actually move up a notch as one of the safest cities in America is a testament to how we are committed to investing in law enforcement programs and supporting the men and women in law enforcement who work every day to protect us.”   

To view the Safeasset report visit: 

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