Can Your Home Decor Be Abstract?



When taking on the task of decorating your home, there are a lot of design options at your fingertips. The home, of course, is yours. Any palette, furniture or canvas can entirely reflect you and your family’s personality. You want someone to walk through the door and immediately recognise the owner in the house itself. They may not be able to see you but they should sense you. They should know that each and every detail of the home has your imprint on it. In this way, any interior design that speaks to you is something you should try to implement. So what happens, then, when your tastes are more abstract than others? 

Abstract Movement Does Work In Home Design 

First and foremost, taking an abstract angle on your interior décor can work. If you are choosing to go with a traditional, rustic or even modern style, then the abstract movement can phase right into it. A good way to go about this is having rooms purposefully subtle in their décor, whether that be the furniture or the wall paint, and then incorporate abstract pieces into the heart of it. This can help give the room a depth and elevate minimalist surroundings, such as white or hued backdrops.  

There Are Abstract Ways To Portray What’s Important To You 

Another way to integrate abstract into your home, is to look at specific art pieces that speak to you personally. For instance, many people today like to incorporate their faith into their home décor. If you are religious, then perhaps look at collecting some abstract, religious pieces which you can place around the house. In the Israeli center of Judaica, there are abstract Jewish pieces which can not only represent your inner values and faith but also colour your home with eye-catching designs which can pop and elevate every room.  

Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Choices 

One of the best ways to make abstract décor work is to ensure you are not decorating each room singularly. Abstract pieces can look out of place if they are not well thought through, and so look at the room you wish to decorate and really think about how an abstract piece will work inside of it. If the room needs more than one piece, don’t be afraid to double up and give it a companion. This will help in giving the room some balance, as well as showing that the abstract work is intentional and designed to exist inside that space. 

Have Fun With It 

This is your home and no one else’s opinion matters but yours. Be prepared to take risks. With home décor, nothing is truly set in stone. If things don’t work, you can always try them in another room or replace the idea altogether with something fresh and new. But if abstract work is your thing, then there are so many ways to let it match the feel, personality or faith you are attempting to communicate inside the walls of your home.

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