NovaWave Antenna Tv Review: is it the best indoor TV antenna?


The Novawave Antenna Tv has been heralded as the best TV antenna for those that want to watch some of the best free-to-air channels without a complicated set-.up. So, is the Novawave really as good as people say? Is this a must-have TV antenna for your home? That is what will be discussed in this Novawave review.

What is NovaWave Antenna Tv?

The Novawave Antenna Tv is a long-range TV antenna. 

This is a rather simple piece of kit. The Novawave TV antenna plugs into the coaxial slot on the TV. The watcher will then have access to free-to-air HDTV channels. All you need to pay for is the TV antenna. There will be no monthly bills. Nothing. Once the Novawave Antenna Tv is installed, the user is pretty much set for life.

It is no wonder that just about every NovaWave review has been incredibly positive. It is very rare to find an indoor TV antenna that offers this sort of functionality without monthly costs. 

Remember, since this is an indoor TV antenna, TV fans aren’t going to have to worry about climbing up on their roof, which can be dangerous. Just plug it into the TV and everything works.

The NovaWave offers a wealth of features.

Plug-and-Play Set-Up

One of the highlights of the Novawave Antenna Tv is just how easy it is to set up. In fact, this is a highlight discussed in just about every NovaWave review.

The NovaWave will plug directly into the coaxial slot of the TV. Since the Novawave Antenna Tv is a passive tv antenna, it does not need to be supplied with any power. It will just draw the power from the TV.

No tools or knowledge of technology will be required to get this hooked up properly. It even comes with adhesive pads so there is no need to drill into the walls.

Easy to Move Around

As with most antennas, it is important that the antenna is moved around to ensure that it can pick up the most channels possible. Because the Novawave Antenna Tv does not require any access to power, this makes it simple. The user is only restricted by the length of the coaxial cable, which can easily be extended. Well, that and the fact that it is an indoor TV antenna. This means that it can’t be hooked up outside the home. 

Full HD

This is a digital TV antenna. This means that it picks up digital signals. These signals are full high-definition signals. This ensures that the NovaWave TV antenna can provide access to the best audio and video at all times.

Ability to receive dozens of channels 

The NovaWave Antenna will provide access to dozens of channels. The selection of channels will be dependent on the location e.g. rural locations may receive fewer channels than major cities. However, there will always be a good selection of channels to choose from. This is why many people are calling it the best indoor TV antenna on the market.

This lightweight NovaWave Antenna is only available at the official website here.

Is NovaWave Antenna TV legit? 

A lot of people look at the Novawave Antenna Tv  and think that the offer is a bit too good to be true. After all, the digital TV antenna will provide access to popular channels without a cable subscription. 

The thing is that the channels that can be received through NovaWave Antenna Tv are free-to-air channels. When somebody pays for a cable subscription, they are essentially paying the cable provider to give them access to channels that they don’t really need to pay for. The Novawave Antenna Tv is cutting out the middle-man. 

Because the channels are free to air, there is no subscription fee to pay. It is a perfectly legit product. Access to free channels without a subscription is often why the Novawave often comes up in discussions about the best indoor TV antenna. 

How does NovaWave Antenna Tv work?

NovaWave is a TV antenna, much like the tv antennas of old.

Back in the day, a TV viewer didn’t have their TV channel signals pumped through the ground. Instead, a person would need to install a TV antenna. The TV antenna would then search for the various TV channel signals floating through the air, and the TV user would be able to find them on their TV (the TV would be responsible for the decoding of the TV signal)

Just because cable exists, it doesn’t mean that the TV channel signals stopped floating about. They are still there, but people will need a slightly different antenna to pick them up now.

TV signals are now digital. This means that old TV antennas don’t have the ability to receive them. A person would have to purchase a digital TV antenna. The Novawave Antenna Tv is a digital TV antenna.

Once the Novawave Antenna Tv is hooked up to the TV, it is powered. It will look for TV signals.

When the antenna is plugged in, the user needs to have their TV scan for channels. This will help to create the antenna TV channels guide. The watcher can then easily switch between these channels using their TV remote. In fact, switching channels functions much like switching between the channels on a cable service.

Does NovaWave Antenna Tv Really Work?

This is regarded as the best TV antenna in just about every NovaWave review for a reason. 

The Novawave Antenna Tv really will pick up those TV signals. It really will be the best TV antenna for those that want to access TV channels without any cable bills.

The NovaWave really does do what it says on the tin. 

Of course, a Novawave Antenna Tv is only going to be as good as the TV signals in the area. The closer the TV towers are, the more channels a person will have access to, and the higher the quality they will be.

However, people shouldn’t worry if they live in rural areas. The Novawave Antenna Tv   has been regarded as the best TV antenna for rural areas due to the sheer amount of power that it boasts. This means that even in the areas that don’t have a huge number of TV towers, it is still able to pick up far more signals than its closest competitors. 

NovaWave features and benefits 

The Novawave Antenna Tv offers a wealth of benefits. This includes:

  • Access to dozens of channels
  • Easy to set up.
  • Full HD
  • Works with any modern TV set
  • Find channels easily using the companion app 

How is NovaWave Antenna Tv better compared to competitors?

The NovaWave can accomplish a lot of things that a typical digital TV antenna cannot do.

Any NovaWave review will state that the best feature is the Novawave Antenna Tv   app. This app, which doesn’t need to be used, can scan for TV towers in the local area. It will even provide a list of channels that can be received through those TV towers. This means that the NovaWave owner will be able to change up the positioning of their NovaWave to ensure the greatest selection of channels at all times.

The NovaWave also has a bit more power than many competitors. This can be ideal for rural locations where there may not be a huge number of TV towers close by. The boosted power of the NovaWave means that it can easily pick up on weaker TV signals. Again, this will provide access to even more channels.

The NovaWave also operates using FM/VHF/UHF. These are just types of radio signal. The average digital antenna will only operate on VHF and UHF. Again, this means that the NovaWave is going to be able to pull in even more potential channels. 

Those that love their video and audio quality to be the crispest possible will likely give a positive NovaWave review. This is because the NovaWave has been designed to pull in signals and deliver to them the TV in the best possible quality. This means that many of the TV channels picked up by the NovaWave Antennas are going to be in full HD. 

Where Can I use the Novawave Antenna Tv  ?

In theory, the NovaWave can be used in any country which uses digital TV signals. This is most countries. However, at the moment, the app (which was just discussed) only works in the United States. However, a person doesn’t need to use the app if they want to use the NovaWave. The app just makes it a little bit easier to position the antenna to ensure the best access to TV channels. It remains the best TV antenna on the market, app or not.

The one thing to bear in mind is that while the Novawave Antenna Tv is regarded as the best TV antenna, it can only function as well as the TV towers in the local area. This means that it may have access to fewer channels in some locations than others. However, the Novawave Antenna Tv app will always try to ensure that the watcher has access to the most number of channels.

For those looking for something to use in remote areas, it may be worth knowing that this is up there as the best TV antenna for rural areas. It is able to pick up TV channels that other similar antennas could only dream of.

NovaWave Antenna Tv FAQs

Are there any subscription fees to use the NovaWave?

None! There are no additional costs beyond the initial purchase of the NovaWave. Once the NovaWave is set up, the user will have access to multitudes of channels.

Do you need an app to access the Novawave Antenna Tv  ?

There is a companion app for the Novawave Antenna Tv  , and any Novawave Antenna Tv will say that it is worth using. However, it is not necessary to use the app. The NovaWave will always scan for channels no matter where it is placed.

How long does the Novawave Antenna Tv   setup take?

Installation of the NovaWave should take no more than a few minutes. It really just needs to be stuck to the wall and plugged into the back of the TV. The TV will need to scan for the channels picked up by the NovaWave, but even that should be a fairly quick process.

Can the Novawave Antenna Tv   be moved?

The NovaWave can be moved to receive the best possible signal. The NovaWave app can come in useful here. Do bear in mind that each time it is moved, the user may want to rescan the channels. This is because moving the NovaWave even a small amount can drastically change the channels that the user has access to.

What channels can be received by the NovaWave?

This will be dependent on the area. If the user is located in the United States, they will be able to use the NovaWave app to check which TV channels are available from which TV tower. This will ensure the best access to the highest selection of channels.

Does the NovaWave require a remote control?

No. With the NovaWave, the user can use the remote control with their TV.

Are all channels with the NovaWave received in full HD?

The Novawave Antenna Tv   has the ability to receive channels in full HD (1080p). However, this does not necessarily mean that the received channels will be in full HD. It will be dependent on the strength of the signal. The NovaWave will always strive to offer the best signal possible for the TV viewer.

Does NovaWave work outside of the United States?

The NovaWave will work outside of the United States. However, the app for NovaWave does not currently work. This means that there is no way to choose the optimal placement for the antenna. However, it should still be able to pick up some channels.

How much does NovaWave cost?

The Novawave Antenna Tv is currently on sale with free shipping. This price won’t last forever.

Because many homes have multiple TVs, it can be worth purchasing multiple NovaWave digital antennas. This will ensure that there can be one in each room of the home. To encourage this, NovaWave offers a variety of different bundles. The more Novawave Antenna Tv  s a person purchases, the more they can save:

  • 1 Novawave is $59.99. This is a 35% saving on the normal price.
  • 2 NovaWave will cost $119.99. This is a 35% saving on the normal price.
  • 3 NovaWave will cost $134.99. This is the most popular package and saves 51% off the standard price.
  • 4 NovaWave will cost $164.99. This is a saving of 35% off the normal price.

Remember, these prices are not going to last forever. For as little as $59.99, somebody could be cutting the cord completely. They will be saving thousands of dollars not having to pay for a hefty cable bill every single month. 

So, if people like what they see in this NovaWave review, they are probably going to want to jump in and buy the NovaWave right away. These awesome savings could end up at any moment. 

Visit the Official Novawave Antenna website now for a special discount! 

Where can you buy the NovaWave?

The NovaWave can only be purchased directly from the NovaWave store. It may be sold in more locations. However, these places will not be an official source for the NovaWave. This means that the price may be higher, and they will not come with the warranty or support that NovaWave offers its customers.

NovaWave Pros & Cons

Let’s wrap up this NovaWave review by giving a brief overview of the pros and cons of the NovaWave.

Pros of the Novawave Antenna Tv  :

As seen from this NovaWave review, the antenna has a lot going for it. This makes it tough to choose some of the product highlights:

  • Easy installation
  • No expensive cable fees
  • One-time payment for the antenna
  • Can be used easily in rural areas
  • Provides access to a lot of channels, completely free.
  • Full HD channels available
  • Companion app makes it easy for users to find the channels they want.

Cons of the Novawave Antenna Tv  :

No product is perfect, and while the NovaWave comes pretty close, it is no exception. There are a couple of issues with the NovaWave, but nothing that would really hamper a person’s enjoyment:

  • The app doesn’t support countries outside the US
  • Uses double-sided tape to hold it to the wall. This can lose its ‘stick’ over time.

NovaWave review final verdict 

When it comes to the best TV antenna, the Novawave Antenna Tv   is certainly up there. This is because it can be used by people all over the world, not just in the United States.

The ease of installation means that cord-cutters will be up and running within a couple of minutes. Once a person has purchased the NovaWave, there will be no ongoing costs to use it. Once everything is installed, the channels are going to be free for as long as NovaWave works.

Anybody that is looking to eliminate their cable bill, but doesn’t want to lose access to their favorite TV channels, would do well to check out the Novawave Antenna Tv . There is a reason why it received so much praise throughout this Novawave Antenna Tv review. 

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