What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

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Choosing laser hair removal for unwanted bodily hairs is an excellent idea. It’s the most cutting-edge technology available today. You can wax or shave, but they’re not as good as laser hair removal. Besides, you also don’t want to suffer from the aftermaths of shaving and waxing. They can also be painful. Availing of laser hair removal with the Lightsheer Quattro device, you won’t have a problem removing hairs. Before you get started, here are some things you should expect from the procedure. 

It’s relatively painless

You don’t have to worry about the pain of getting rid of bodily hairs. You might think it’s similar to waxing, where you have to be brave enough to get through it. With the laser, you will barely feel the process. Of course, a little heat comes out of the device, but it won’t cause immense pain. It can be slightly uncomfortable, but it’s not a big problem. 

There could be redness and bumps

After the procedure, you will see redness and bumps. They might be painful, but nothing compared to other hair removal procedures. The good thing is that they’re normal. Your skin might get slightly irritated, but it won’t last long. 

You can’t use products after the procedure

Don’t use lotion, makeup, deodorant, or moisturizer after the procedure. Keep these products away for the next 24 hours. They contain chemicals that might irritate your skin. After that, you can only use the aftercare product recommended by the laser hair removal clinic. Keep your skin dry and wear comfortable clothes. 

Avoid the sun

Another thing to avoid after the procedure is the sun. Cover the affected area to prevent sun exposure. The heat from the sun may also irritate your skin. 

Don’t scratch the skin or use tweezers

It might be slightly itchy for some after the procedure. It’s normal to feel that way since you’re still getting used to the after-effects of the process. You might also realize that it’s not yet entirely clear. Don’t feel tempted to use tweezers to remove some hair. Remember that the procedure requires a few sessions. You will continue seeing some hairs until the last session. It would take several months before you can see baby hairs regrowing.

Hair growth varies

Speaking of regrowth, remember that it varies among different people. Some people will regrow their hair in a few months. For others, hair won’t regrow even years down the road. It’s not because of the procedure alone, but the nature of your body. Don’t compare yourself with others and conclude that the process was ineffective. 

Find the right clinic

Before you commence this procedure, make sure you have the right partner. Compare the prices and stay away from sketchy options. If the cost is unbelievably low, you should look for another choice. Sure, you will spend money on this procedure, but it would be worth it. You won’t have to deal with unwanted hairs for a long time. 

Laser hair removal is perfect for you.

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