Why TikTok Catches People So Much and How to Make Money On This Platform


TikTok works effectively to attract and retain an audience: it is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Many attribute the success of the platform to an algorithmic feed that adapts to users. But algorithms work well in all social networks. 

This service uses behavioral psychology and visual design to increase user engagement. Today we will tell you why the platform attracts people so much and how to start making money on it without having to buy TikTok followers

UI solutions: user-friendly interface and buttons that are always at hand 

Fast onboarding. As you know, for everything important there should be no more than two clicks. TikTok follows this paradigm: 

  • when the application is first launched, the user registers or logs in through social networks; 
  • the user immediately appears on the screen with the video. 

For comparison, onboarding on Instagram takes at least five screens: create a username, set a password, upload a main photo, specify a date of birth, subscribe to recommendations, and so on. 

Intuitive interface 

This platform adapts the mechanics of other social networks. For a new user, the interface is intuitive. Feed swipe, double-tap like, hashtag for navigating through content — all this is familiar to the user for a long time. 

There are filters, like in Instagram, and short videos, like in Snapchat. A clear interface lowers the entry threshold for new users and speeds up their habituation to the platform. 

Therefore, even if you buy followers on TikTok, and you see that these are quite recently created accounts, then you can be sure that soon they will already be using this app all the time and will become professional users. Most likely, these profiles will not remain empty and abandoned because TikTok is addictive. 

Simple video creation screen 

There are a lot of older users here who, at first glance, must mishandle technology. But instead, they run successful accounts with thousands of followers. The secret is in the simple interface. 

There is a large list of functionality on the video creation screen: adding music, filters, activating timers and special effects. But in the interface, the main button called record is highlighted. And to make it easier, under it is a collection of templates. Even without experience in editing, a new user will have their first video ready in seconds. 

Buttons are always at hand 

The main buttons are fixed on the screen. Users do not need to pay attention to another part of the screen while swiping. 

The Follow, Like, Comment, Share icons are located in the area that is easiest to reach with your thumb. The icons themselves are fully filled and scaled up so as not to merge with the video content. The same buttons in Snapchat are located below and look transparent, they are not visible and it is inconvenient to tap with your thumb. 

UX solutions: 6 TikTok’s secrets 

  1. No distractions. The user interacts with only one piece of content at a time. He gets involved in the content and concentrates on the screen. There are only two options for interaction: he can scroll further or watch the video to the end. 
  1. Content consumption is not interrupted. When the application starts, the user immediately sees the video. It will play on repeat until it is swiped. 
  1. There is no buffer zone between the content. The TikTok feed cannot be scrolled quickly. Each new video is centered on the screen and stops scrolling. 
  1. The algorithm does everything by itself. The user sees the videos that he likes. No need to fill out forms and indicate your preferences: the feed adapts to user behavior. 
  1. The user almost always sees something new. This is how recommendations work. This creates a reward effect: swipe down and see something you haven’t seen before. 
  1. The application uses dark patterns. In the TikTok settings, there is a Digital Wellbeing function to control the time spent watching the app. To get to this setting, you’ll have to work your way through Forced User Experience Renewal: the app itself won’t prompt you to stop watching content. 

Thoughtful layout, arrangement of elements, adoption of proven mechanics and reduction of redundant actions make the application successful. The platform simultaneously satisfies the need for people to have fun without effort, and the need for businesses to quickly engage users in their product. 

Monetization in TikTok 

Monetization is an opportunity to earn both small and fairly large amounts. This social network (unlike YouTube) does not allow you to convert views into money. But there is the concept of monetization of live broadcasts. 

To start a live broadcast, you need to get to the Inbox section and go to the TOP broadcasts. If the content is interesting, users will send you coin stickers as a thank you. 

How to enable monetization? 

This feature is available for channels with 1000+ subscribers. If the size of the audience allows, you can conduct live broadcasts and receive stickers for them, which are the internal currency of the platform. For each gift, 80% of its value will be credited. 

What needs to be done to make money on the platform? 

To earn money through live broadcasts on TikTok, you need to follow a number of rules. Among the main ones are the following: 

during the live broadcast, give users interesting information (valuable advice, expert recommendations, etc.); 

interact with viewers, give them the opportunity to ask questions of interest and receive answers to them; 

announce and hold contests for organizing live broadcasts; 

perform a variety of tasks for donations (performing a song, dancing, performing another action for a certain number of coins). 

How to increase the probability of getting coins? You need to shoot videos regularly, using all available tools: music, hashtags, challenges, various filters. Due to this, the popularity of your live broadcasts will grow, which will contribute to more active donations. 


Today you learned about why TikTok has such a great influence on people and their habits, and also made sure that on this platform you can set up monetization and start earning. All you need is your desire and effort.

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