7 Ways to Look and Feel Your Absolute Best


Everyone wants to look and feel their best. It is an innate part of human nature. The second we as people begin to realize we are being looked at and perceived by others. Is the second that we start to consider what steps we need to take to make sure those looks are in our approval. Now some people feel more strongly about this than others. But it’s my personal belief that when your body and your mind are in alignment that is when you’re both looking and feeling your best. You see you need to feel your best to look your best, and you need to look your best to feel your best. Our lives are sometimes more cyclical than we care to admit, and our physical and mental health have large influences on that cycle. That’s why it is so important to take stock every so often of how you’re doing. How are you feeling? What kind of goals do you have for today? Is there any pain you’re experiencing? These are all powerful questions on the road to health. Becoming accustomed to answering those questions, however, and being open to change when necessary is the key to health. So in that respect, I’ve compiled this incredible list of identifiers that can help you on your journey to feeling great! 

A Home Cooked Meal 

I know, I know. The prevailing story you hear whenever you bring up cooking is. I don’t have time. And that’s fine, and I’m sure on some level there’s some truth to that. But on a separate level, it’s good to point out the only truly healthy way to eat in this day and age. Is to be aware of everything that goes into your food. And the only way to do that? You guessed it. You gotta make it yourself. Bummer I know. But if you focus on not only the health benefits but the therapeutic benefits of home cooking. You’d realize that the positives far outweigh the hassle! If you need help just getting started a great set that will have pretty much everything you need is this amazing cookware set

Having a Little Less 

When you’re born biologically a woman, and you are well endowed in your breasts. It can be a double-edged sword. Not only is it a constant source of back pain, and unwanted ogling. It can also be a leading source of gender dysphoria. That’s why, if your breasts aren’t working for you. If they don’t bring you the joy you think they should. You may want to consider getting a consultation for breast reduction surgery cost. If your body is not helping you then you can always change it. If you feel that you wish to change your relationship with your breasts. Then this can be a powerful tool. 

Why Wait for a Wedding? 

Who says you need to have a wedding, to wear a wedding ring? If you’re hung up on the idea of getting married to the point that it’s starting to negatively impact your life, then it’s time for a change. Now you have a couple of options here. One you can try to quit thinking about it, either through meditation or trying to keep your mind occupied. And the second which is what I suggest. Is that you can lean into it and just buy a wedding ring. Why not? Just break the seal. You have nothing to lose, and the worst that happens is you have a brand new beautiful oval wedding band

Keeping Your Vitamins Balanced  

Are you waking up just not feeling your best? You don’t feel particularly sick but you just feel kind of empty. Like there’s only the littlest bit of gas in the tank? Well, that can have a lot to do with your diet and what kind of vitamins you’re ingesting. You see in most of our modern diets we just do not get all the vitamins and minerals that we need to stay functioning at 100 percent. Now you may be asking yourself, how do I get those vitamins? Well, there are a ton of ways to do it. The way I’m suggesting is to make an appointment for iv therapy los angeles. This is a program that will help you ingest the vitamins you need intravenously so that you can get all the nutrition you need, that you aren’t getting in your diet!   

Props to Your Probiotics 

When you’re not feeling your best down there it is hard to be excited about anything. If you’re not feeling 100 percent comfortable that can put a huge damper on your day. Something that is shown to help is taking a probiotic like this set of probiotics for vaginal health. They help to maintain your ph balance and keep you feeling supported throughout the day. So that you’re ready for any challenge!   

Have a Great Bidet! 

This might sound gross but do you ever get tired of wiping? Anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids or any other soreness down there will tell you emphatically. Yes! If that’s the case for you let me recommend this amazing installable bidet from Hello Tushy. They install right on top of your existing toilet and give you that fresh and clean feeling that we all crave! Now there’s no more irritation putting a stop to your afternoon.   

A Soothing Shave 

Something that always keeps me from feeling my best is when I get some bad razor burn. For me, it’s always irritating and never in a convenient spot. That’s why lately I’ve been using some of the amazing skin care products from Oui the People. This is a great company that not only makes boutique razors that already save your skin. But their body polish is also to die for!  

When you’re trying to look your best, it can be a long perilous journey. But a great way to start looking great is to start feeling great. Starting small. Making attainable goals for yourself is the best way to build momentum. I feel that on these kinds of journeys your best option is not to look at the destination. It’s just to focus on your life a single goal at a time. And then one day. As if by some magic, you wake up and realize how far you have come! 

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