A new era of Mobile Journalism


MovieHunt is a new social media app that accomplishes something outstanding right off the bat:  

  • It gives everyone a chance to access unbiased and verified news, local to international scale 
  • Anybody with active MovieHunt account can contribute toward and benefit from breaking such news in either open fashion, proudly stating their name, or completely anonymously 

 Under a clutter of multifaceted reports and controversial views on both major news outlets and social media platforms, it’s increasingly hard to distinguish unfiltered and meaningful news from noise, and this is precisely where MovieHunt tunes in: it’s a cross-checked and diligently moderated platform you can bet your life on. 

Many did, and ripped the benefits of active participation in a series of challenges – or requests, ranging from freely voicing social problems of your neighborhood to global cataclysms that are reshaping our world – to break exclusive and truly impactful news. 

 More than just a social media platform it’s like an intuitive map where any user can choose a request of their fancy, shoot it and share it on MovieHunt app for a select category of prizes. Google Maps with an appealing monetisation system, keeping everyone duly informed 24/7. 

 And that’s just part of the whole picture. 

 Unlike any other social media app, MovieHunt gives everyone a chance to become a newsmaker and eventually an influencer, where financial compensation and creative freedom are not conditioned or limited by the number of followers or subsequent likes, but rather by an author’s (aka influencer) personal involvement and dedication. Gaming dynamics are interwoven into the fabrics of MovieHunt, so content creation has never been so exciting and competitive of a lifestyle as it has already become for so many of platform’s talented and persevering creators. 

 Authors and their professional news-oriented peers, Journalists, constitute the core of the community of MovieHunters that is driven by the desire to provide universal access to unfiltered and non-conformist information with the potential to become a game-changing factor in contemporary newsmaking history and, eventually, the informed perception of the world as it really is. These communities revolve around and are administered by a host of curators, that provide crucial guidance, media and logistical support for authors to excel at exceptional and remarkably impactful news narrative many major outlets can envy – and openly outsource from, since MovieHunt is pursuing honest and mutually beneficial partnership with mass media. 

At the end of the day the hallmark of a social media news platform is a well-informed, trustworthy and actual reflection on the complexity and contradictional nature of life itself, making everyone participant in conforming the worldview of their own – which MovieHunt prioritizes at all instances, while providing a sound and uncompromising ecosystem for every willing author to participate in becoming a part of an ever-growing family of newsmakers and creating a lifestyle beyond their imagination. 

 As a sneak peek of MovieHunt app, when you download MovieHunt app you can watch the first ever user-generated episodic documentary focused on displaced Ukrainians the world over after the outbreak of the war this past February. 

For more information on how to become a part of MovieHunt family, please visit the following link: MovieHunt.com  

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