6 Tips and Tricks to Create Content That Sells

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These days, content is one of the key things that drive awareness, engagement, and sales for businesses. According to statistics, 82% of marketers actively leverage content in their marketing efforts to boost sales.

But how do you sell with the help of content?

In this article, an experienced academic writer from a reputable write my essay online writing service for students who specializes in sales and marketing will share with you the top six tips and tricks that make sales-worthy content. Let’s dive in!

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing who you are appealing to is the key to writing great content. That is why identifying the right target audience for your content will help your business focus its marketing and sales efforts on people with the highest likelihood of buying from you. By appealing to such people with your message, you can generate business leads in a more efficient and affordable manner.

For example, if you run an academic writing service reviews platform, your main customers would be college students. So it makes sense to target them specifically.

2. Be of Service to Your Audience

After identifying the groups of people you are writing for, it’s crucial to carefully define their needs. According to a study by the Marketo Engagement Gap, 56% of consumers feel like brands don’t have a deep enough understanding of their needs. As a result, they don’t feel like businesses can cater to these needs and are unwilling to convert.

By knowing your target audience’s needs and generating content that serves them well, you can improve outreach and engagement. As a result, your content will start selling for you.

3. Align Your Content With the Customer’s Journey

Content segmentation is one more thing that makes sales-worthy content. Simply put, segmenting your content means aligning it with different stages of the customer’s journey to make your readers take the action you want them to take.

By aligning the content with the customer’s journey, you can boost lead generation and make leads move through your funnel faster. Here is a quick overview of the different stages in your buyer’s journey and the types of content that work well for each of them:

  • Awareness Stage – The top of the sales funnel. Here your readers may already recognize their problem/need but don’t know yet that a particular brand has a way to solve it. The best content for this stage is the one that educates readers on the available solution. This includes informative articles, landing pages, and blogs.
  • Consideration Stage – The middle of the funnel. At this stage, readers are already interested in the solution you offer but are not ready to buy yet. That’s where you need nurturing content, such as how-to guides, reports, eBooks, product reviews, etc.
  • Decision Stage – The bottom of the funnel. It is the part of the journey where you have sales-ready leads who just need an extra push to make a purchase. The most effective content for this stage includes case studies, success stories, white papers, testimonials, references, etc.

So, that’s what each stage in your buyer’s journey looks like and how you can align your content to them.

4. Keep an Eye on Headlines

According to statistics, on average, 8 out of 10 readers will read the headlines of your content, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. These numbers prove the huge power of headlines. So, if you want to create sales-worthy content, you should pay enough attention to your headlines.

You should craft concise, relevant, and catchy headlines for your copy. Also, here are a few extra headline tips that work great today:

  • Include the year (e.g., How to Write Effective Content in 2022);
  • Use numbers (e.g., 5 Steps to Write Effective Content);
  • Use “How to” when writing guides;
  • Include relevant keywords to improve your SEO.

These simple tips will help you craft great headlines and make your target audience want to read your content.

5. Use Images

There are many ways to make your content more sales-worthy. Namely, you should use the right headlines, include keywords, make your content relevant, valuable, actionable, etc. But the truth is that no one enjoys reading plain text. Studies show that content with images receives 94% more views and engagements than that without. So, one more trick for writing content that sells is adding some visuals.

6. Appeal to Emotions

For years, many brands and marketers have preferred to keep their content somewhat formal and serious. In other words, they kept it emotionless. But this tactic doesn’t work anymore. Today, appealing to emotions is another thing that makes sales-worthy content. It has been proven that modern consumers often make emotions-driven purchases, so you should use this to your benefit.

For example, if you are writing content to promote travel services, appeal to your audience’s stress and tiredness from work to make them want to go on a vacation to solve this problem. It is just one example of how you can appeal to emotions in your content.

The Bottom Line

Writing sales-worthy content isn’t easy. But when you know what tactics work well at this moment, you can simplify the process and ensure success.

Use the expert tips from this article to get on the right track and start creating content that sells right now!

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