6 Ways to Improve Your On-Campus Safety


Not all students really think about their safety when they are in college. Campuses are often seen as their second home, and nothing can happen to you when you are at home, right? Wrong! Even though most universities have some precautions, it’s up to the students to protect themselves to the maximum extent. You want to feel safe all the time, don’t you?

This is especially relevant now, as summer is coming to an end, and learners get back on campus after a long break. Of course, it’s not your responsibility to prevent all crime and become the hero your campus deserves. You should start with simple rules to make sure that you are protected. If every freshman follows these rules, college life will become much safer.

College students have to face reality and directly deal with crime. It’s not a rare occurrence when laptops, money, and documents get stolen from a dorm room. Don’t worry if something like that happens to you! You can always pay for essay writing online while the administration deals with the perpetrator. Your grades won’t suffer, and the criminal will be punished!

It’s always better to take some precautions so that lawbreakers won’t even get a chance! So, here are six ways to improve your on-campus safety!

Get the campus safety office’s contact information 

Every college has some security measures in place. Freshmen might not know about them yet, so make an effort to get to know where your tuition money goes! In general, university websites have some information about security. You can send an email or give them a call to learn more. Another good idea is to look for a campus safety report that is released every year.

Here are some services that the safety office has to provide:

  • escort service;
  • emergency phone lines and stations;
  • safety maps with safer routes on college grounds;
  • a special app that offers the same services and can send a signal to authorities in case of emergencies.

Follow basic internet hygiene rules

You might not think about it, but your online presence is directly connected to your physical safety. Maybe you left a message somewhere on Facebook that you are going away on holiday or bragged about getting a new expensive phone. This is very useful information for criminals who might be looking for a tip!

Also, there is a lot of malware that can track all your activity online, hack your emails, and delete all your saved data. This is also a huge part of student security on campus. In case something happens to your sensitive info, and you don’t have a backup, try using essay hub review services for your homework. The teachers won’t know the difference!

Always lock your room 

This is a really basic tip that can potentially save you a lot of time, money, and nerves. Dorm rooms are a huge target for thieves because students often leave their most important things without supervision. Of course, every college has security guards, and police are happy to cooperate, but just a simple act of closing your windows and locking doors can be enough.

Keep an eye on your devices

Same as with locking your dorm room, carrying your laptop and phone with you is just common sense. Lots of students do their homework assignments in coffee shops or other public places. They can leave for one minute to pay the bill, go back to their table, and all their devices are gone. This is a direct threat to your sensitive data, not even mentioning the financial side!

Always have a plan for emergencies

A huge part of dealing with extreme satiation is your preparedness. Of course, it’s always better to be ready and not have to use this knowledge ever. At the same time, a basic plan will save you a lot of nerves and time in case of a real emergency. Here are some great tips about looking out for yourself and other people on campus:

  • make arrangements for getting home if you are staying out late;
  • have a map of the grounds downloaded on your phone;
  • don’t use headphones when it’s dark because this will decrease your situational awareness;
  • don’t walk alone on paths that you are not familiar with.

Learning some self-defense moves is a huge plus

Some might say that a couple of self-defense classes can potentially save your life. Let’s hope that you won’t have to use such drastic measures on college grounds! At the same time, it will make you feel much more confident in a critical situation. The same goes for first aid classes. Pay attention to the instructors and their valuable lessons!

To Sum Up

So there you have it, six ways of making sure that you are safer on college grounds! Sure, it’s not like there are crimes being committed on campus every day. But wouldn’t you agree that once is more than enough? Students have to work closely with their classmates, professors, and administration to create a better environment for everyone involved!

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