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Top 6 Green Technologies we should adopt to make a better future


We must remember that nature is our wealth. If we are living peacefully, it’s because of nature. Food, shelter, and cloth: the three basic needs are provided by nature. We can’t deny nature. We can’t deny the fact that we live on oxygen. Trees give us oxygen. That’s why we can breathe. In many ways, we are grateful to nature. It’s our commitment to look after and preserve nature and its prosperity. 

In today’s article, we will try to highlight the six best Green Technologies we must adopt to protect nature. But, before we go to the heart of this article, let’s learn about GREEN TECHNOLOGY.


Technology is a process. It’s a complicated mechanism. Technology is something that reduces the amount of human effort. It saves time. Technology has been ruling the world for the last 400 years. It has been evolving and expanding day-to-day. For example, The very first step to the acceleration of Human Civilization was the invention of fire. It was the reason we invented the wheel, which speeded up the progression of humanity. From communication using pigeons to Amalgamated reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Motion messages, technology has come a long way. 

But, the thing is, the more we have progressed, the more natural and its elements have been pushed to destruction. We have become less protective of our mother nature. 

Green Technology 

Technology is split up into two factors. One is conventional, and another is green technology. Green technology is a unique technology that is environment-friendly. The adaptation of mechanisms works effectively to accomplish different chores withstanding nature. The ambit of green technology gathers all the resources to curtail the adverse impact of human activities on the environment. The mantra of green technology is greenly. Adopting green-friendly techs, reducing using conventional energies, etc. 

The six best green technologies

There are several green technologies adopted by many policymakers globally. But, we have picked up the sex best.

1.Green Architecture 

Urban resource consumption can be significantly reduced by using green buildings, which also makes urban growth feasible. The utilization of fresh light during construction and ensuring proper shielding to lower resource usage are both made possible by green design. By using such design techniques, it would be possible to completely do away with the requirement for warming and minimize the quantity of power used for illumination.

2.Waste-Water Electricity Generator

The mixed power generation was created by experts at Oregon State University and uses wastewater as fuel. They have become successful in integrating two different electricity-producing systems. In addition to powering water purification, the generation has the capacity to make a sizable contribution to the primary power grid. Given the declining availability of organic supplies and modern innovations, the electricity infrastructure is essential.

3.New Nuclear Material

The possibilities for nuclear energies are enormous. However, these are risks related to nuclear waste. The possibilities of the power supply have not yet been fully realized. Nuclear energy plants using uranium presently consume 1% of the available output. The remaining material is nuclear trash. Since all of the thorium extracted is in the elemental composition required for the reactors, thorium-based fusion produces minimal trash.

4.Biofuel Pyrolysis

In comparison to conventional ethanol manufacturing, the transformation procedures also consume significantly less water and produce little CO2. Biomass trash, such as newspaper, grasses, or woody organic matter, can now be converted technologically into fuel and, ultimately, ethanol. In comparison to conventional ethanol generation, the transformation procedures also consume significantly less water and produce less CO2.


Self-healing substances have emerged as a result of BIOMIMICRY. When sliced, ripped, or damaged, the self-healing substances would be able to “repair” spontaneously. In consequence, this would extend the lifespan of the majority of consumable commodities, decreasing the need for basic resources and trash.

6.Electric automobiles

Without mentioning electrical vehicles, no discussion of prospective green technology is comprehensive. Cellular technologies may be capable of supplying electricity generation to moving automobiles, which is an improvement over conventional electric cars. Equipment that can acquire energy wirelessly via an electromagnetic environment emitted from wires laid beneath the route would be standard equipment in all-electric automobiles. Road experiments for these automobiles are now being conducted in South Korea.


Always remember that nature and animal kind are interconnected. If we safeguard nature, it will protect us. We must not escape from our moral duty. 

If you want to learn more about green technologies, you can read different related articles on Google. It would encourage and enlighten you to act eco-friendly and preserve the environment. 

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