Amour pulls out of council race

The 2022 Candidate Forum held at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita on Wednesday, 092122. Dan Watson/The Signal

Kody Amour, one of nine candidates running for three seats on the Santa Clarita City Council, has announced that he is withdrawing from the race. 

Amour first made the announcement Tuesday on Facebook.  

“As of today, I am dropping out of my candidacy for Santa Clarita City Council. Please do NOT vote for me. There are plenty of great candidates, and I look forward to seeing how our political landscape will change in this upcoming election season,” Amour wrote in his Facebook post. “There are many reasons why I am not currently fit for office and why I should never have run in the first place. I have truly learned a lot from this experience. My message has been loud and clear: We need to solve homelessness. 

“Clearly, my focus on other issues has been very misguided, and I need time to reflect on my poor choices and positions,” he added in the post. “Only time can prove my consistency in advocating for rights of the oppressed. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and I hope this community can one day give me a second chance when they are ready. 

“My actions brought attention to the homeless crisis, and that’s all I really wanted,” he wrote. “I was wrong to escalate my frustrations into this much political leverage that entails so many other issues that I am too ignorant to address. Keep your eyes fixed on solving homelessness. I will continue to draw attention to this crisis, so long as my friends are suffering. The homeless need your help. The shelter desperately needs more funding. Defend the oppressed.” 

Reached on Wednesday afternoon, Amour declined to provide additional comment on his withdrawal from the race. 

Incumbents Marsha McLean, Laurene Weste and Bill Miranda are seeking re-election in the November election. In addition to Amour, five other challengers are set to appear on the ballot: Denise Lite, David Barlavi, Douglas Fraser, Jeffrey Malick and Selina Thomas. 

Amour’s name will still appear on the ballot, and if he were to win one of the seats he could then resign, after which the City Council would have the option of filling the seat either by appointment or special election, according to city officials.  

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