Top 10 Best Oil Change Businesses in Los Angeles


Looking for where to go for an oil change in LA? Look no further. We’ve done the hard work and research so you don’t have to. This is the ultimate guide to oil change locations in Los Angeles. 

Regular maintenance involves changing the engine oil, the various filters, checking tire pressure, and inspecting the several other fluids in your vehicle. But, the most important one among them is the engine oil, which is necessary for the powertrain to work at its full potential. 

The vehicle cannot survive without the high-quality lubricant coursing through the engine’s chambers.

If you compromise on its quality and on changing it regularly, your car won’t last a lifetime. In fact, the engine will get into all sorts of trouble. Therefore, it is your duty as a car owner to use the lubricant recommended by the car manufacturer.

Best Oil Change Services in LA County

1. Diesel Zone Diagnostic 

Consensus: Best Overall Oil Change and Auto Repair Shop

Address: 18201 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Google My Business Reviews: 330+

Rating: 5 Stars

Phone: (323) 834-9858

If you are out there looking for the best oil change shop in Los Angeles, you’ll simply find no one better than Diesel Zone Diagnostic. Out of all the spots we visited for this list, they stood above everyone. Just take a look at their Google My Business reviews… They have over 330+ 5-star reviews making them the highest rated in all of LA – and for good reason, they are easily our top pick for the best oil change in LA county. 

The team at Diesel Zone Diagnostics are extremely well trained professionals who know their way around every vehicle. Not only that, but they are fast, efficient, and offer the best value for your money.

The shop’s base service is very reasonable and includes brake checks, tire pressure inspection, code scan for pending codes, battery test, fluid top off (coolant, windshield washer fluid) and much more. What’s more, you can avail free top offs and tire pressure checks whenever you want!

But what really makes them stand out? It’s how they treat you. These guys are truly customer-centric, honest, refreshingly transparent, and clearly on your side regardless of your car knowledge. 

They go above and beyond to give you straight-forward breakdowns about the state of your vehicle and they are known for actually educating customers on car knowledge so they can be better equipped to navigate taking care of their vehicle. If things are good, they’ll tell you so. It’s not about the sale to them, it’s about giving the best possible service and helping people understand the service.

Don’t know which oil to use? They will tell you the options and break the pros and cons for you for each one. 

One visit to them and all of the google reviews and hype will make sense. 

Do yourself and your vehicle a favor and check these guys out – they are located in the Rowland Heights area and honestly it’s even worth a little extra drive if you are anywhere in LA county. 

Runner Ups

2. Avo’s Automotive 

Consensus: Good Flexible Service

These guys have been around for a long time and are among the top oil change shops in socal county. Not only do they offer a detailed service, they also have mechanics at hand to deal with any sudden repairs. 

In other words, when you take your car to Avo’s Automotive, its in good hands. The biggest plus with this business is that they offer online appointments, so you can book a slot for your car while on the go.

3. Legit Automotive 

Consensus: Knowledgeable staff

Legit Automotive has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff in Los Angeles. Some of their mechanics have over 20 years of experience in the field, which goes a long way for good service. 

Legit automotive can also handle regular maintenance, car repairs, brake checks, suspension repairs, as well as electrical repairs.

4. J&S Onestop Auto Repair

Consensus: Good for at-home service

The special thing about J&S is that they offer at-home service. So, if you are out of town and your wife is unable to drive over to the oil station, someone from J&S will come over and solve your problem.

 The mechanic will change the engine oil, check the brakes, inspect the status of the fluids and perform all other standard maintenance checks on your car. Pretty good choice for people with very little time on their hands. 

5. Speedy Lane Automotive

Consensus: Good for quickness

In terms of speed, these guys are one of the quickest in Los Angeles. When it is time for an oil change and you are in a hurry, the folks at Speedy Lane automotive will help you change the car’s engine oil in a matter of minutes. They have the latest equipment, perfectly trained staff, and a huge workshop where all such matters are dealt with in a professional manner.

6. United Alignment & Tire Center

Consensus: Good for alignment

Although United Alignment is a tire shop, you can also find an oil change station at their premises. If you are out in the area and already getting fresh alignment for your car, why not change the oil as well? That’s a liberty you can only take at United Alignment & Tire Center.

7. High Tech Auto Service

Consensus: Flexible maintenance packages

High Tech has been in the business for 12 years and they are performing admirably, which is why the customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof. The business has certified professionals performing repair and maintenance jobs, so you know you can trust them at every step of the way. Their basic package starts at $50, which falls under the economical category.

8. Adam’s Complete Auto Repair

Consensus: Flexible pricing

You can go to Adam’s for an extensive repair job, for a tire change, or for regular maintenance. They do it all under one roof and that too admirably. Moreover, their prices are fair and reasonable. The guys do not overcharge or scam you into paying extra.

9. Glendale Lube Center

Consensus: Good customer service

The staff at Glendale Lube Center is some of the most courteous you will find in Los Angeles. They help you every step of the way, while keeping you informed. The shop charges a reasonable price for an oil change.

10. L&L Auto Service

Consensus: Friendly staff

The last one on our list is L&L, which is a shop that specializes in auto repairs and regular maintenance. You can visit their premises for a comprehensive repair or something as small as maintenance. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, so you know your car is in good hands.

How do you know which oil to use? 

Well, the user manual that comes with the car has all the information related to maintenance. You can look through the guidebook to find your answer. However, there is another way and that is to take your car to a reputable oil shop. The people working over there know everything and anything there is to know about oils, so its your best bet. Simply put, if you are unsure then ask a professional, like the guys at Diesel Zone Diagnostics, and they’ll be able to help you. 

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