$40k ring stolen from Jewelry Fixx, suspects outstanding

Photo courtesy of Jewelry Fixx's security camera footage.
Photo courtesy of Jewelry Fixx's security camera footage.

Security camera footage courtesy of Jewelry Fixx.

Three thieves entered and then left Jewelry Fixx with one ring worth $40,000 in their hands on the afternoon of Jan. 11, according to store and sheriff’s officials.  

According to the mother of Jewelry Fixx’s owner Edmond, Susan, who declined to provide a last name, on Jan. 11 at approximately 3:45 p.m. three people entered the store at a busy hour. 

According to Deputy Natalie Arriaga, a spokeswoman for the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, two were women with long hair, approximately 25-35 years old, and the other a man with a short beard, approximately 25-30 years old.  

The three reportedly proceeded to pretend to be customers, asking to buy a really expensive gift.  

“They claimed they were tourists from Italy,” said Susan. “They wanted to buy a gift for their mom. This is the first time they’re buying something for their mom.”  

Edmond, owner of Jewelry Fixx, on Bouquet Canyon Road, had been working with the trio to decide on a gift and showed them the $40,000 ring.  

The “tourists” began to show Edmond that they could afford the ring, flashing him their wallet filled with what the “tourists” claimed was $30,000 in cash, according to Susan.  

The “tourists” asked for another box and as Edmond bent down to get them what they requested, one of the women took the ring out of the box and placed it in her hand, under her wallet, as seen in the security camera footage. The other woman then proceeded to wrap the empty box, the one the ring was originally in, and place it in a gift bag.  

The three “tourists” gave another employee $1,000 of cash as a deposit for the ring, so they could go back to their car and grab a credit card to pay the remaining $10,000 for the ring, according to Susan.   

The three never returned.  

“Fifteen minutes later we opened the box, ‘Wait a minute, it’s gone,’” said Susan. “Then we watched the video.”  

Susan said that after watching the video, it was clear that the ring was stolen.  

Edmond then contacted law enforcement.  

“We didn’t get suspicious honestly,” said Susan.  

After watching the video, Susan suspects that this is not the first time the trio has done something in this regard.  

“That’s their job, they know what they’re doing,” said Susan. “They’ve been doing it all the time maybe.” 

According to Arriaga, as of the time of this publication, no arrests have been made and the suspects remain outstanding.  

“These people should be caught,” said Susan.  

Anyone with information can contact the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station at 661-260-4000. Anonymous tips can be submitted via LA Crime Stoppers at www.LACrimeStoppers.org

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