Oak Canyon Equestrian sets up GoFundMe after barn fire

Photo courtesy of Oak Canyon Equestrian Community Fire Recovery’s GoFundMe page.
Photo courtesy of Oak Canyon Equestrian Community Fire Recovery’s GoFundMe page.

Oak Canyon Equestrian in Newhall was face to face with any horse owner’s worst nightmare on Tuesday morning: their barn on fire. The fire was caused by an electrical spark, engulfing the barn in flames.  

The Adamson and Lambert families, alongside firefighters, tried their best to help with the fire, but 20-foot flames ravaged the barn.  

Unfortunately, this barn was used to stable the horses. Two horses died in the fire and three suffered from burns and are now in ongoing medical treatment.   

“Whoever owns those two horses, I’m sure those people are hurting really bad today,” said Sean Lambert. “I just wish we could have saved them all.”  

According to Oak Canyon Equestrian’s GoFundMe page, the two horses that died in the fire were Malone and Rocky.  

Malone was a palomino quarter horse and a World Series roping champing, owned by Daniel Lopez. Rocky was a black thoroughbred, owned by John and Stephanie Blair.  

Oak Canyon Equestrian set up a GoFundMe page on Thursday with a $100,000 goal. In only three hours, $5,370 had been raised.  

“This is a barn family and a community stricken by the most unimaginable tragedy that now needs to rebuild, recover and remember those who were lost,” wrote the GoFundMe. “We appreciate any help that you can give us so that Oak Canyon can continue to be a welcoming place where riders of any age and ability can fulfill their equestrian dreams, and a safe home for the horses that we all love and nurture.” 

All donations are said to be going toward repairing the fire damage done to the barn’s structure, paying for the veterinarian bills for the injured horses, buying new tack and stable supplies and “doing what (they) can” to help the owners of Malone and Rocky heal.  

Those wishing to donate to Oak Canyon Equestrian can do so at, www.gofundme.com/f/oakcanyonfire

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