How To Install An Air Filter In The Right Direction


Air filters are responsible for purifying the air in spaces. Whether it’s home or office, a 16x25x5 furnace filter can help remove dust and other particles from indoor air, allowing you to breathe high-quality air. This can benefit your health, improve comfort levels at home, and optimize performance at the workplace. That’s why you need a high-quality air filter at home.  

Change your filters regularly. Get the installation process right. In particular, the direction of your air filter determines your unit’s performance. So, install it in the right direction. The following guide will help you install your air filter the right way. 

Why You Should Get The Direction Right 

On the surface, both sides of your air filter might appear the same. However, they are not interchangeable. Each side is designed differently. While one side of the filter is more porous, the other is less porous. As a result, the more porous side is used to trap particles while optimizing your system’s airflow. 

Wrong Direction 

If your air filter is installed incorrectly (i.e. wrong direction), the air will not effectively flow through the filter’s material. As a result, the air handler will have more work to do to compensate for the airflow loss. This can waste a lot of energy and even damage your system. Remember, higher utility bills can make your home or office unsustainable. Thus, install your air filter correctly. Protect your system by installing your unit in the right direction. 

How To Install It In The Right Direction 

Check the arrow printed on your filter’s sides. The arrow points in the air flow’s direction. It should be towards the system’s blower. Before installing your air filter, pay attention to the old air filter. Note its direction. Ensure that the arrows are facing similar directions. 

If you are unsure, contact your electrician. He/she can help you install the filter in the right direction. 

The Purpose Of The Metal Mesh 

Usually, the air filter comes with a mesh material. The purpose of the metal mesh is to plate or hold the air filter. This helps in keeping it together. The air is forced through the system, subjecting your filter to intense pressure. That’s why the mesh is provided to hold the filtration media in place and resist the effects of strong winds. 

Changing Your Filter 

Don’t wait until your filter is too dirty to change it. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions. Also, consider the dust conditions of your home. Those suffering from allergies and breathing problems should change the air filter regularly. The same applies to older citizens of society who are prone to respiratory issues

The Bottom-Line 

It’s not all about purchasing and installing an air filter. The direction of your air filter is also important. Follow the installation manual. Ask an expert to help you install the air filter. Pay close attention to the direction of your air filter. Use the above guide to install your air filter for high-quality indoor air.  

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