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In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there are various weapons and skin accessories available for gamers. Yes, there are really expensive ones that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. But there are others that don’t cost a lot. M4A4 | Dragon King is one of the most popular and best CS:GO skins. But how expensive is it? What’s the cost of a Factory New one compared to Battle-Scarred? There’s only one way to find out! But first, what is an M4A4 | Dragon King?

What’s the M4A4 | Dragon King?

The M4A4 dragon king is a classified Counter-Terrorist rifle skin that is exclusively featured in CS:GO. It is one of many other rifle skins in the range that features up to 246 skins. 

Pattern Description 

  • Drops when opening a case: Chroma Collection 
  • Rarity: Classified 

Dragon King refers to the cheap skin used on the M4A4 assault rifle. It has very positive reviews from gamers. On this skin, dark purple paint has been applied to the entire surface of the machine gun as a background. 

The receiver, part of the stock, handguard, grip, and magazine have all been hand-painted with the Dragon King design using red, blue, and white. The butt plate is orange. 

Appearance History 

The popular design was released more than seven years ago, precisely on 8 January 2015. 

Dragon King is a design made by L’grand and was released in the “Full Spectrum” update. 

And since then it has not lost ground and remains one of the most popular skins for this device. 


Dragon King is below Classified in rarity which means it’s a rare drop. The drop chance is estimated at just 3.2%.

Skin Wear 

Factory New is the most expensive because it’s the newest, as its name suggests. In Battle-Scarred, the paint on the barrel, front sight, sight and butt is almost completely lost. On the handle and magazine, you’ll see half the paint has worn off. The receiver itself and the forearm are least affected.

How Available Is Dragon King?

Despite its rarity, Dragon King is quite affordable and widely available on various markets trading CS:GO. According to the CS:GO skin store, there are about 347,200 units of M4A4 | Dragon King in CS:GO public inventories. 

What’s the Price? 

Fortunately, Dragon King isn’t as expensive as most CS:GO skins. It normally sells within a range of $4.52 and $48.55. 

But here is a breakdown of what it’s sold for in most of the CS:GO stores online: 

  • Battle-Scarred: $4.95;
  • Well-Worn: $7.61;
  • Field-Tested: $6.22;
  • Minimal Wear: $11.86;
  • Factory New: $25.77.

From the pricing, you can tell that it isn’t as expensive as other CS:GO weapons. 

The Finishing Touch to your M4A4

After getting the M4A4 weapon, you should add a CS:GO skin. Skins are cosmetic items to change the appearance of a weapon during gameplay. Unlike microtransaction items from other games, the delivery of weapons with and without skins is the same. The only thing that changes is the appearance. It’s simply a way players express themselves through their weapons.

The more exotic an item is, as well as the level of rarity and deterioration, the more valuable it is.


M4A4 | Dragon King is a good way to give your Counter-Strike weapon a decent appearance. Weapon skins like Dragon King are well designed and cheap. You can get one (Battle-Scarred) for as little as $4.95. However, the best quality one (Factory New) costs $25.77 which is still considerably inexpensive. 

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