Garcia advocates for Antelope Valley during pending FAA reauthorization

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News release 

Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, sent a letter to House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure Chairman Sam Graves and Ranking Member Rick Larsen, as well as Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation Chairwoman Maria Cantwell and Ranking Member Ted Cruz, encouraging increased enforcement of Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements in the upcoming Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization.  

BASAs are critical to protecting jobs in the Antelope Valley, and Congress must provide the FAA with the tools needed to ensure fair enforcement of these agreements, said a statement issued by Garcia’s office. 

“As you know, the FAA regularly enters into Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements with other nations in order to grant reciprocity to aviation products certified by the respective regulatory bodies,” Garcia’s letter said. “This allows American products certified as safe by the United States to quickly enter foreign markets, increasing safety and expanding customer bases, which further incentivizes investments and advancements here at home. Unfortunately, foreign regulators are now failing to honor their BASAs with the FAA, causing delays, rejections, and added costs to these efforts.” 

The letter added: “This is a great concern to my constituents. A robust, American-based aviation industry is of the utmost importance to our national security, travel safety and the economy of my district. If foreign nations continue to ignore their BASAs, companies could be forced to move their production overseas in order to receive quicker certification. This would cause the loss of thousands of jobs in my district and threaten America’s long-held status as the worldwide leader in the development of aircraft technology.” 

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