Best Classic Italian-American Recipes 


There is a very fine line between Italian and Italian American recipes, and some items, such as lasagna, are famous in both places. But one thing you will find in all Italian American recipes and not all Italian dishes is that you can consume them as comfort foods. They’re food in different versions, cherished alone, with friends or families, helping you make a memory. Here is a list of some classic Italian American recipes that you can enjoy: 

Basic Ragu Bolognese 

A wealthy Italian dish made with celebrated sauces is Ragu Bolognese. It is completed in bulk and enjoyed with family for a quick pasta meal. Add some gelatin to give your sauce a luxurious look, and include pork, beef, and veal to add taste. Making it in red sauce is not always time-taking, but the recipe needs three to four hours of cooking. 

Spinach and Ricotta Manicotti 

The filling is more or less the same as used in stuffed shells. However, with some tweaks, the dish can be improvised. First, you can go for fresh pasta sheets instead of lasagna noodles to make the manicotti instead of choosing dried manicotti shells. Next, you can add peppery arugula with spinach to enhance the flavor of the spinach. 

Chicken Parmesan 

Chicken parmesan is a fantastic food that people want to try now and then. You can make the best chicken parmesan by soaking the chicken in a garlic-flavored buttermilk mix and then adding parmesan and bread crumbs for additional flavor. Next comes the topping, which makes it unforgettable. You can top it up with homemade red sauce or get a pre-prepared one from the store. 

Chicken Riggies 

Apart from the name that’s slightly tough to pronounce, chicken riggies is a delicious New York-Italian dish that most people long for. It is spicy and sweet at the same time. It is a beautiful delight that families can enjoy their weekend dinners. 

What makes the chicken riggies recipe unique is that it can be enjoyed in several versions. You can make it with cream and prepare a version similar to vodka sauce. The creaminess of the recipe comes from the freshly grated parmesan used in the recipe. In addition to richness, parmesan adds salty flavor and umami depth to the recipe. 

Give up the red pepper if you wish to reduce the dish’s spiciness. However, you can always add the pickled peppers as they give the dish acidic toughness. 

Basic Neapolitan Pizza 

Mastering an authentic Neapolitan-style pizza at home can be challenging. It demands minimal ingredients, leaving little room to conceal any errors and a blazingly hot oven. Achieving the high temperature can be accomplished through grilling or utilizing the skillet-broiler technique. Acquiring the right ingredients is somewhat easier: aim for high-protein flour, such as Italian-style “OO” flour, and ensure precise measurement of all ingredients. 


These are the best classic Italian American recipes you should try at home. They are simple to make and very delicious. So, go for the ones you want and enjoy them with your friends or family. 

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