Page-Turners: Exploring the Best Paid Magazine Subscriptions


The advantages of reading a magazine or newspaper include keeping up with current events, becoming an expert in a certain topic, brushing up on language, and developing a lifestyle taste that fits the trends.

For men and women, websites like BrandPerks offer a selection of discounted magazine subscriptions that help them stay current with the latest styles in lifestyle, sports, cooking, fashion, well-being, and an endless list.

These subscriptions help you to learn new things every day. Moreover, some of these subscriptions provide the platform to express your mind and tell the world about your life choices and journey. These publications offer a more engaging method to learn about the subjects that interest a person with vibrant illustrations and photos.

In this article, we shall list some of the best magazines you can find when subscribing to a website like BrandPerks. Pick your favorite from the list and find it on the website!

1. Elle Decor

At the 11th Magazine of the Year Awards, presented by the French Association of magazine publishers, it was given the title Best Magazine Brand (SEPM).

A stylish magazine for interior design, Elle Decor targets the next generation of customers and designers.

Beautiful imagery and in-depth articles on the most recent developments in architecture, interior design, and furniture are featured in the magazine.

More than just a magazine, Elle is a well-known media brand that uses a strong identity based on its basic values to distribute its unique content.

It also functions as a shopping guide for designer apparel, jewelry, skincare items, and other goods in the beauty industry.

The Elle Style Awards recognize the most fashionable celebrities in the world. One of the most edgy fashion magazines in the world is usually regarded as Elle.

2. Better Homes & Gardens

Interests in housing, cooking, gardening, crafts, healthy living, décor, and entertainment are highlighted here.

It offers users suggestions for designing lovely and practical living spaces, DIY projects, recipes, and healthy lifestyle guidance. DotDash Meredith publishes it 12 times every year (formerly Meredith Corporation).

Stephen Orr is the editor of Better Homes and Gardens, the fourth most popular magazine in the country.

Edwin Meredith, a former U.S. secretary of agriculture, established Better Homes and Gardens in 1922.

He has over 2 million Facebook followers in addition to 57 million website views and over 7.6 million monthly readers.

They provide a variety of home furnishings, cookware, and other items, as well as information on DIY, gardening, cooking, and crafts.


3. Life & Style

Life & Style, formally Life & Style Weekly, is an American celebrity magazine founded in 2004 by Bauer Media Group.

In 2018 American Media acquired Bauer Media Group’s US celebrity magazine. Life & Style covers celebrity news, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

With a weekly circulation of over 500,000 copies, it features exclusive celebrity interviews and the latest on personal life and relationships.

It also provides expert health, fitness, and relationships advice to help our readers live their best lives.

Each issue has the latest trends, outlets, and exclusive celebrity interviews and photos. Additionally, Life & Style offers insightful articles on health, relationships, and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or practical life advice, this magazine is for you.


4. In Touch Weekly

The American celebrity and entertainment news publication In Touch Weekly covers everything from the newest fashion trends to in-depth celebrity interviews.

It targets a younger audience, branding itself as “quick and fun,” and touting its cheaper cover price on the front cover to entice people to buy the magazine.

Often, it goes after teenage girls and younger women. A well-known weekly gossip publication with a sizable online following is In Touch Weekly.

With its innovative approach to celebrity news, it has established itself as a mainstay in pop culture and draws readers.

The same company has published its companion publication, Life & Style Weekly, which gives lifestyle advice on how readers may blend celebrity beauty and fashion into their lives.

5. Cosmopolitan

First released in 1886 as a family magazine, Cosmopolitan is a monthly fashion and entertainment publication for women in the United States.

Since 1965, it has evolved into a women’s publication with 63 foreign editions published in 32 languages and shipped to more than 100 different nations.

After becoming Cosmopolitan’s first female editor in 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, the author of Sex and the Single Girl (1962), gave the publication a major makeover and narrowed its focus to the interests of young women only.

Brown’s unrelenting candor regarding the “Cosmo girl” way of life helped to alter social mores gradually.

Feminists and social conservatives condemned the magazine in later decades, yet dozens of fashion and leisure magazines soon followed in Brown’s footsteps.

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