How to Deal With Breakups in College 


Handling a breakup in college can be a ferocious journey since they impact one’s confidence and overall perspective toward life. It can be life-changing for some students and affect their academic performance, while others move on without much struggle. However, breakups are part of life’s toughest lessons that we need to take with positivity, learn and move on.  

We all manage breakups differently, and thus it’s hard to find a blanket solution to dealing with them, especially for college students transitioning from settling in a new institution to finding their identity. However, various solutions can help you manage the breakup and make the recovery process much easier. Let’s review some of the ways to alleviate breakup pain.  

Study Harder 

If there is an assignment you have been postponing or thinking of hiring an essay writer service to help you out, then this is the right time to handle it and get lost in it to avoid thinking about your breakup. Nothing heals a broken heart more than succeeding and doing something good for you. Divert all the anger to your studies to keep yourself busy and avoid slipping into depression. Failing your exam when dealing with heartbreak will lower your self-esteem even more. Channeling your hurt to your studies will pay off, especially if you pass; you will feel better about yourself.  

Hold the Memories But Move On  

As you transition to adulthood, you will realize that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Some are meant to teach you life lessons, while others are meant to help you find your identity. Once you understand this, it will be easy to move on from a breakup and pick up the lessons while still cherishing the best memories of the relationship. Breaking up with someone does not mean you entirely forget about them. Remembering them in a good way through the good times you spent together will help you avoid developing hatred which will only make you angry.  

Find a Hobby  

A hobby does not have to be something you are good at. Instead, you can find new hobbies that excite you. Enrolling in yoga or cooking classes is among the best ways to keep you busy and release the tension from the breakup. There are several hobbies to explore in college, including hiking and swimming. Whatever helps you relax, indulge in it. If you spend weekends hanging out with your ex-partner, you can use that time to identify new hobbies or activities that can distract you. 

Additionally, you should invest your time in self-care to ensure you feel good about yourself. For example, getting into a skincare routine or going for a massage are ways to love yourself and relax. Loving yourself and finding an emotional outlet makes it easy to enjoy your own company and gets you back on track.  

Be More Open to Meeting New People  

Heartbreaks often leave us wishing we never met the person. These feelings can easily translate to hatred of the person and relationships in general. It becomes hard to keep a normal social life, and it is often normal to feel like nobody understands what you are going through, especially if they keep telling you to move on. Though it feels like the future will be blurry without your ex-partner, it’s okay to acknowledge that it gets better with time.  

Take time to heal and be more open to talking to new people. Hanging on to a failed relationship only makes it hard to move on. So be more social and willing to meet new people, even on a friendship level. College is the best place to be if you want to try out other relationships since you can make new friends daily who can distract you from the hurt.   

Closing Remarks 

Relationships in college can be hectic since it is a moment when individuals try to find themselves and shape their careers. Heartbreak during this time can throw you off balance. And if not handled well, it can impact an individual’s overall performance in class and other extracurricular activities.  

How you handle heartbreak determines how fast you move on and the quality of your life during this period. Heartbreaks are defining moments in our lives since they come with lessons that only make us better. If you are going through a heartbreak, it is essential to note that it gets better with time; therefore, giving yourself time to heal and being open-minded is paramount.  

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