SCV to be under excessive heat watch 


The summer heat just keeps coming and with that another excessive heat watch has been issued for the Santa Clarita area by the National Weather Service.  

Santa Clarita will be under an excessive heat watch from Monday at 10 a.m. until Tuesday at 8 p.m. 

The following is the upcoming forecast for SCV, according to the NWS: 

  • Monday – A high nearing 103, sunny and hot. 
  • Monday night – A low around 71.  
  • Tuesday – A high nearing 104, sunny and hot. 
  • Tuesday night – A low around 71. 
  • Wednesday – A high nearing 99, sunny and hot.  

The NWS warns of the potential increase in heat-related illnesses such as heat rash, heat cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.      

The following are precautions that residents can instill in their summer activities to prevent heat-related illnesses, as well as recognizable signs:     

  • Heat cramps signs – Muscle pains and spasms triggered by heavy activity, typically involving stomach or leg muscles.     
  • Heat cramps prevention – Stop physical activity, move to a cool place, drink water or a sports drink, do not resume strenuous physical activities, get medical help if cramps last longer than one hour.     
  • Heat exhaustion signs – Heavy sweating, cramps, headache, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, weakness, dizziness and fainting.     
  • Heat exhaustion prevention – Move to a cool place, rest, lay down, loosen clothes, place cool, wet cloths on the body, take a cool shower or bath, sip cool beverages and get medical help if symptoms prolong an hour or if someone is throwing up.     
  • Heat stroke signs – Red, hot, dry skin, very high body temperature, dizziness, nausea, confusion, strange behavior, unconsciousness, rapid pulse and throbbing headache.     
  • Heat stroke prevention and response – Move the person to a cooler or shady place, place cool, wet cloths on the body, do not give the person anything to drink and call 9-1-1.   

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