Things You Need to Know About Bentley’s New Bentayga SUV


Bentayga SUV by Bentley commands attention on the road with its distinctive exterior styling and Continental GT-inspired crease that frames its rear wheel arch. 

Bentley cars boast stunning interiors featuring luxurious leather and exquisite wood trim. Additionally, Bentley gives buyers the ability to personalize the cabin’s color scheme according to their personal taste. Cars Bentley servicing costs are also a major part of owning a super luxury car. 


Bentayga by Bentley is sure to turn heads, with stunning performance from either engine, agile handling and an elegant cabin that makes an impressionful first impression. 

Bentley’s standard cabin is an absolute feast for the eyes, boasting beautiful leather and wood trim hand-stitched to perfection. Additionally, they provide several color choices so that you can find your ideal match. 

Bentley’s optional Touring Specification adds features designed to make long drives enjoyable, including adaptive cruise control and a head-up display. While these additions are certainly welcome additions, their lane centering feature falls slightly short of what one might find with Mercedes’ Super Cruise system. 

2023 will see an extended-wheelbase version of the Bentayga come to market, adding 7 inches to the rear seat area for passengers to stretch out and relax in comfort. Additionally, this model comes equipped with an air ionization system to purify its cabin environment, massaging seats, and 40 degree recline feature for right rear passenger seating. 

Those looking to truly personalize their Bentayga can turn to Bentley’s custom Mulliner division – for an additional fee, of course – in order to tailor it perfectly. From adding handcrafted metal overlays on the fascia to embroidering seat and door panels, the team of artisans in Mulliner can tailor every aspect to meet their desires. 


Bentayga’s Adaptive Cruise Control takes much of the stress out of long-haul driving, too. It can maintain a safe distance between cars in front of it and automatically slow or speed up to maintain that gap – even when a car ahead suddenly stops or moves forward suddenly; your Bentley will stop so you can regain your footing on the road safely. 

Your driving system can also steer itself along a set route to ensure no time is lost retracing steps, alert you to nearby obstructions and adjust driving characteristics accordingly. 

Bentley also includes a rear-wheel steering system to reduce its turning radius, along with its Diamond Illumination ambient lighting scheme which projects lights through hand-stitched leather panels in the back seats. Their updated infotainment system boasts a 10.9-inch touchscreen which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility as well as air ionizers, wireless smartphone charging features and much more. 

The 2023 Bentley Bentayga boasts an extended wheelbase (EWB), adding 7.2 inches to its overall length. Bentley’s designers did an excellent job of disguising this added size; back doors still open easily and the cabin still feels roomy. Thanks to fold-flat front passenger seating and two two-seat third rows, up to seven people can be accommodated within its cabin; numerous seat adjustments allow drivers to fine-tune their preferred driving position; plus its front bucket seats can be covered in different types of luxury leather upholstery! 


The Bentayga’s cabin is an oasis of unparalleled luxury and refinement. You can personalize its look to suit either traditional classic tastes or cutting-edge contemporary ones using interior veneers such as Crown Cut Walnut and Dark Tint Diamond Brushed Aluminium; or take it one step further with Mulliner, offering customized customization to create something truly one-of-a-kind. 

The Bentley Bentayga EWB (Extended Wheelbase) model offers even greater space and comfort, accommodating seven people in first-class airline-style seats with reclining capabilities and concert sound systems. Furthermore, an interactive touchpad enables passengers to control climate and entertainment functions for second row passengers from their smartphones. 

As with any high-performance vehicle, Bentleys require expert care to preserve their value and maximize performance. When searching for a mechanic with experience working on luxury British and German vehicles, experience in dealing with complex machines is key; our Bentley service specialists possess both skills and tools needed to keep your Bentayga running at peak condition – this includes changing out cabin air filters weekly to prevent unpleasant odors as well as vacuuming out surfaces regularly and applying leather conditioner to maintain soft, supple seats. 

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