Club 507 in Newhall swings through the night 


American Legion Post 507 in Old Town Newhall may look a little different to those who’ve been there before and may sound a bit different, too.  

The post, now going under the name Club 507, hosted a swing dance party featuring Flattop Tom & his Jump Cats on Sunday, drawing in dancers of all ages.  

Proceeds for all events go toward the American Legion and the Sons of the American Legion. Event organizer Wende Mintz said the Jump Cats are regulars at the club. Mintz was also celebrating her birthday, and she said there was no better way to do so.  

“There is no better way to spend my birthday than with a band that I love, that I’ve known for 20 years and friends that I’ve known for up to 20 years — and some are brand new,” said Mintz.  

The club was packed with dancers on Sunday evening, making it nearly impossible to cross the floor without dancing your way across it. Mintz said swing dancing was addictive and the community it forms is strong. She was even keen to point out a young couple who met during a show.  

The ages of those participating varied. The event was an intergenerational bonding exercise as much as it was a dance exercise. Teenagers, young adults and a 103-year-old World War II veteran, known as “Bazooka Joe,” were all watching Flattop Tom and his Jump Cats do his thing.  

“Everybody always has a good time. People are so appreciative that we have started this. There was no swing at all out here in Santa Clarita,” said Mintz. “(There was) some ballroom and some line dancing and maybe some cowboy stuff and a lot of blues. So we’re first to bring in swing, it’s exciting.” 

Clun 507 will be hosting swing music every other Sunday and Friday throughout September and October.   

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