Planning to consider cell tower, tattoo studio 

Santa Clarita City Hall

 The Santa Clarita Planning Commission isn’t expected to resolve a months-old request to put another wireless tower in Saugus at its Tuesday meeting, but there is a recommendation for a local tattoo parlor. 

Last month, the commission gave its signoff for 1.3 million square feet of development in North Newhall and Placerita Canyon, but this week, the projects up for discussion are considerably smaller in scope. 

The first is a proposal for a 330-square-foot tower, a wireless communications facility on an existing Southern California Edison lattice tower located north of Grace Baptist Church, according to the commission’s agenda. 

The Eukon Group initially submitted the proposal back in April, according to the city’s Planning Division, but now there are additional changes being considered. 

The commission has to formally approve the applicant’s request due to federal rules that govern the timelines by which a city must respond to such applications, according to Jason Crawford, director of development for the city of Santa Clarita. 

“The applicant is working with AT&T to finalize their revised tower design to address the needs of AT&T as well as Southern California Edison,” according to Patrick Leclair, planning manager for the city. “Once that design is completed, we will re-notice the project for a public hearing.” 

City officials did not know what the proposed height for the tower would be as the plans are still being designed. 

The city’s agenda did not identify a proposed date for when the project would be back in front of the commission.  

“There are rules that say when a cell site gives an application to a city,” Crawford said, there are certain rules regarding how it’s allowed to be considered. For example, Crawford added, a city isn’t allowed to deny the application over a fear of a health concern. 

“And one of those rules is if you don’t review (the application) within a certain amount of time, otherwise, it just becomes a yes,” he said, and the applicant wanted to adjust the equipment the tower would be using. 

“The proposed WCF would include seven panel antennas, 15 remote radio units, surge suppressors, equipment cabinets, ancillary equipment, and a transformer and meter pedestal along San Francisquito Canyon Road,” according to the agenda. “Cabinets and ancillary equipment would be located in a new, approximately 330-square-foot, ground-mounted equipment enclosure at the base of the lattice tower.” 

The newest west-side tattoo parlor is being sought out by applicant Francis Manzanares of G-Ink Tattoo, who’s trying to get a conditional-use permit for a studio space within a 500-square-foot tenant space located at Unit 120 at 27720 Avenue Scott, just north of Anza Drive. 

The space would be operated by a single artist through appointment only, Crawford said. 

“No site upgrades or tenant improvements are proposed,” according to the city’s agenda. “The studio would not accept ‘walk-ins,’ meaning all patrons would need to make a reservation.” 

While it’s a unique area for such a studio, which usually are placed closer to retail centers, per city planners, the project “checks all the boxes” for its desired operating space, according to the Planning Division, which shared a staff recommendation for approval. 

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