Bidsbee Comprehensive Review: Why Choosing Bidsbee


Bidsbee is a social crypto trading platform that focuses on the needs of all traders: beginners and experts. The extensive functionality of the platform, its top safety level, and easiness of use allowed Bidsbee to gain acknowledgment from traders. Beginners can use copy trading to earn and learn, and experts can benefit from the advanced tools, trading bots, and signals.

Here, we will check the main features of the platform and find out why Bidsbee is becoming increasingly popular.

About Bidsbee’s Functionality

The Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform offers everything that a trader may need.

  • The advanced trading terminal allows you to manage all your trading accounts on exchanges in a single place. It expands the standard functionality of a centralized exchange by allowing traders to place advanced orders, use the trailing function, and other options.
  • The copy trading functionality allows everybody to leverage any market opportunities. Beginners can subscribe to master traders and copy their orders. With it, they not only earn together with specialists but learn by analyzing their activities. Over time, a beginner can also become an expert and leverage the copy trading functionality as experts do. 

Each expert can create a public profile and allow others to subscribe to him for a fee. The subscription fee is set by each trader individually. The more subscribers you get, the more you earn.

  • The accurate and consistent trading signals are sent to Telegram as soon as the right moment comes to buy or sell an asset. This way, you won’t lose a single opportunity to earn.
  • Highly customizable advanced trading bots allow you to automate your trading strategy and earn even when you are not at the computer.

The platform allows you to test your strategy with a Virtual trading mode. When you register, you get 1 BTC on your virtual balance. With it, you can trade as if you were trading with real funds, with the only difference being that you don’t spend your real money (you don’t earn real money, either).

Is Bidsbee Legit?

Bidsbee complies with all the regulations. The Bidsbee platform offers non-custodial services which means that it doesn’t store users’ funds. It only helps you to trade by connecting your CEX account to your Bidsbee account via API keys. All API keys are stored in a secured storage to which team members don’t have access.

The platform doesn’t request users to provide any personal or financial information. You don’t have to complete any KYC procedures when registering an account with Bidsbee. The only thing you need to provide is your valid email address. 

The platform collaborates with Hacken to ensure the top-safety level of its entire environment. The Hacken team are experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency security.

Thus, you can rely on the advanced security measures whenever you use Bidsbee for trading.

Bidsbee Pricing

When you trade with Bidsbee, you can benefit not only from advanced functionality and an extensive set of tools but also from very affordable prices.

The Bidsbee platform offers several packages so that everybody can pick the most suitable.

With the free Basic plan, you can test the functionality of the platform. Within this package, you can access the majority of functionalities, including copy trading.

After that, you can switch to a paid Pro plan. It allows you to access the copy trading functionality, and benefit from the widest range of tools including:

  • An unlimited number of orders in spot trading
  • An unlimited number of opened orders simultaneously
  • A subscription to 100 trading signals
  • Futures trading
  • Futures copy trading
  • Subscription to 5 signal bots
  • A Hold bot.

Educational Materials

Beginners can access a wide range of educational materials on the platform. In the Academy section, you can learn about the basics of trading and market analysis. In the Support section, detailed guides on the platform’s functionality are available.

Bidsbee Community

The Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform has gathered a friendly community of traders and crypto enthusiasts. You can join the Bidsbee Discord channel to check useful tips and insights, communicate with fellow traders, share your impressions and experiences, and get the latest service updates.

How to Start Trading with Bidsbee

To start trading with Bidsbee, you need to sign up with your valid email address. After that, you connect your trading account on CEXes with the help of API keys, and that’s it. 

Using Bidsbee is easy even for a complete beginner. The user interface is extremely user-friendly, and the platform provides step-by-step guides at each step of your trading journey. 

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