5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Servicing


Did you know that 3 million HVAC units in the U.S. are replaced annually and that people spend $14 billion on HVAC maintenance and repairs? 

If your home has a furnace or HVAC that gets used heavily during the winter, you’ll want to ensure it doesn’t fail at the worst possible time. The last thing you need is a catastrophic HVAC failure when the temperature is near freezing.

Here’s a look at five signs it’s time to book a service call with a reputable HVAC contractor.

1. It’s Not Functioning

An obvious reason to call an HVAC company is a malfunctioning unit. If it won’t turn on as it should, you’ll want to get that problem corrected. Few things are as frustrating as suffering from freezing-cold temperatures inside your own home. But a non-functioning HVAC unit can do that to you. No one wants to wear a hat, winter coat, and mittens indoors. But you might have to if your HVAC equipment has short-circuited or broken down. 

You’ll want to call an HVAC contractor and book an emergency service appointment to fix or replace your unit.

2. Airflow Is an Issue

Another frustrating problem that warrants calling an HVAC contractor is an airflow issue. That happens when the equipment turns on, fires up, and proceeds to do nothing close to generating heat. If no heat is coming from the vents, that won’t do you or your family any good. It’ll also be an issue if you’re away for a few days and need the HVAC unit to keep the pipes from bursting.

There are various reasons why an HVAC unit will exhibit airflow problems. You’ll want to call an HVAC contractor sooner rather than later to get your equipment working like it should.

3. Energy Bills Suddenly Skyrocket

Have you noticed your energy bill skyrocket all of a sudden? If your bills have spiked to heights previously unseen and you’re feeling perplexed, you must find out why. 

Higher bills for heating or cooling your home could indicate there’s a problem with your HVAC unit. It might be as simple as a dirty air filter — which should be changed as often as once a month. Other possible causes include malfunctioning parts or leaky air ducts.

Other things could be at play, such as drafty windows, but you’ll want to see if your HVAC equipment might be playing a role in your out-of-control energy bills.

4. Weird Sounds 

HVAC equipment makes certain sounds — many of which are normal. But if you hear sounds that don’t sound right — like grinding or squeaking — it’s best not to ignore it. 

Strange sounds could be an audible warning sign that something’s not right. Failing to do something about it may lead to severe damage and costly repairs. Once you notice strange sounds, contact an HVAC contractor to book a service call.

5. Service Is Due

Yet another sign it’s time to call an HVAC contractor is if it’s been a while since you’ve had your HVAC equipment serviced. You should have it tuned up once per year and change the filters regularly. So, if you’ve fallen behind on routine maintenance, get back on track. 

Routine maintenance can help prevent many issues that frustrate homeowners. By simply making annual service a priority, you can ensure your equipment operates properly. The odds of it breaking down on the coldest weekend of the year will be less when maintenance is a priority.

If any of these five things apply to you, it’s time to contact an HVAC contractor for help. A reputable service provider can assist you whether you need service, repairs, or replacements.

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