Solomon announces reelection bid for Newhall school board


News release 

Suzan Solomon has announced she is seeking re-election to the Newhall School District board, Trustee Area 5, in the Nov. 5 general election. 

The Newhall Teachers Association is among the first to endorse Solomon. “Sue Solomon has been a lighthouse in the Newhall School District, guiding us through the storms we have faced over many years of service,” said a prepared statement from the Newhall Teachers Association leadership. “She has always been a voice for the fine arts that make our district great. She reaches out to staff often for our thoughts on programs and she makes regular appearances at our events and in our classrooms. We are happy to endorse Suzan Solomon for the Newhall School District governing board.” 

In the news release announcing her candidacy, Solomon said she is as committed as ever to serving the district.  

“I still love the work as much today, and more, since the time I was first elected in 1999. My dedication and commitment remain strong, if not stronger than when I first began my service as a governing board member. I am committed to championing the cause of all students, families and educators, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can flourish,” she said in the release. ”As a school district we have shared in many celebrations and faced many extraordinary challenges together, solved them together, and never lost sight of the most important goal: student learning.” 

The release said that, under Solomon’s leadership, the NSD has ensured a fiscally sound and balanced budget, built three schools (Pico Canyon, McGrath and Oak Hills), passed two facilities bonds, developed a long-term Arts Education Master Plan, opened the Newhall Family Theatre, secured the life of the music program, implemented a dual language program, improved student safety, invested in modern classroom technology, and provides support and professional development for all staff.  

Solomon visits all 10 schools regularly throughout the school year, the release said. She serves on the local SCV Council PTA, the 34th District PTA, chairs the SCV School Board Trustees Association, the Los Angeles County Committee on School District Organization, and serves on the Committee of Credentials for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  

She was also recognized statewide by the Association of School Administrators for her contributions to public education in California. 

Solomon added that she values the collaborative way in which the district operates.  

“When I say, ‘we,’ I mean the whole Newhall School District community of parents, community members, teachers, administrators, all staff, and a cohesive, collaborative governing board,” she said in the release. “When re-elected I will ensure that collaboration with parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and community members will continue, assuring that the collective voice of our community is heard and actively shapes the future for the long-term success and vision for our students and the Newhall School District. Together, we will continue to empower every child, every day.” 

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