Delivery Of Flower Bouquets In Los Angeles: Questions And Answers


Los Angeles is a city bursting with life and vibrancy. Not everyone knows it, but it’s also home to a thriving floral industry today. Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Linda Summers, a representative from ART Flowers LA, one of the city’s top flower shops. We discussed flower delivery in Los Angeles — the options, the rates, and how to get your perfect bouquet in LA.

Alicia: Hi Linda, thanks for coming. So, how did you get started in floristry?

Linda: Well, I’ve been with ART Flowers LA for over 5 years now, and my specialty is creating custom bouquets. That is different arrangements for different clients’ needs and occasions. I started by helping out in a small flower shop during college and, you know, just fell in love with the whole process. How you select the flowers and how you arrange them into something beautiful is, well, indeed, amazing. And it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Colorful bouquets on sale in the street in Los Angeles

Alicia: How does flower delivery work in Los Angeles?

Linda: Oh, it’s pretty simple! You can order a bouquet in a few ways — go online to our website, give us a call, or come to our shop if you’re nearby. Just make sure you give us the right address and the date you want them delivered. We take care of the rest.

Alicia: And where do you deliver flowers?

Linda: We cover a lot of LA. We deliver to West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Pasadena. Then, there’s also Encino and Bel Air. We deliver to Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, Manhattan Beach, and many, many more. So, pretty much all over the city!

Man hiding a bouquet behind his back as a woman smiles

Alicia: And I can come to your website and order same-day delivery?

Linda: Yep! But you should place your order before noon for that. If it’s later than that, it’s better to call us. We always do our best to fit such orders into our schedule.

Alicia: But if I want to order delivery for tomorrow, there won’t be any issues, right?

Linda: Definitely. You can order online before midnight or call us before 6 PM.

Alicia: And what about Sundays?

Linda: Yes! We deliver all day Sunday. Again, you can order online or, by phone, or right at the shop.

Alicia: How much does the delivery service cost?

Linda: We’ve got different rates. Up to 4 miles, it’s free. For 4-8 miles, it’s $15. For 8-20 miles, it’s $20. And so on.

Alicia: And how long does it take to deliver flowers?

Linda: We usually deliver during the day, but if you’re ordering online, you can select time slots.

Alicia: You said you have same-day delivery. What else?

Linda: Yes, there’s same-day delivery, and next-day delivery, and you can choose specific time slots.

Alicia: So customers can choose specific delivery times?

Linda: That’s right. You can select specific delivery times when placing your order.

Various colorful bouquets arranged beautifully

Alicia: And can I customize the bouquet anyhow?

Linda: Definitely! We have different flower types, colors, and arrangements. You just say what you’re looking for, and we’ll create it for you.

Man carrying a basket of flowers for delivery in Los Angeles

Alicia: How do I know the flowers will be fresh? That’s usually the biggest concern with delivery services.

Linda: I know, right. Here, your major guarantee is a reputable florist. If you find one, you can be sure they’ll take good care of the flowers and pick the freshest one for you. That’s what we actually do at ART Flowers LA. Once your bouquet is delivered, we always recommend keeping it in a cool place and following any care instructions we provide.

Alicia: And what happens if there is an issue with the delivery?

Linda: If there’s any problem, like damaged flowers or delays, just contact us right away. We’ll quickly resolve it. But we work hard to avoid issues like that and do things right from the first time.

Bouquet with a happy birthday card

Alicia: So, is there anything else you offer, including bouquet delivery?

Linda: Yes, we have a few extra services like personalized messages, gift wrapping, and add-on gifts like chocolates or balloons.

Alicia: Personalized messages?

Linda: Yes, when you add a bouquet to your cart online, you can write a personal message. You can also do this when you order by phone. It’s very popular, in fact.

Two bouquets wrapped in eco-friendly craft paper

Alicia: And how eco-friendly is your service?

Linda: Well, we do use environmentally friendly packaging for our flowers as it’s important for us to be kind to the planet.

Florist arranging a bouquet in a shop

Alicia: Okay, and now the most important question — how do you, Linda, choose or make a good bouquet?

Linda: Oh, that’s a whole separate conversation. But okay, you first consider the occasion as different blooms and colors are for different events. Then, you always try to choose seasonal flowers. Such bouquets look fresher and last longer. Plus, they’re simply cheaper. You should also choose a color scheme. I love contrasting colors like red and white. They look very appealing.

Of course, you always consider the recipient’s tastes. If you know their favorite flower or color, that’s great. The size matters, too. It should match the occasion. These are the most important things to keep in mind, I guess.

Alicia: Thank you so much, Linda, that was very, very helpful! Be prepared for a flood of orders, as I guess many of our readers will now want to order a bouquet for friends and partners.

Linda: We are always happy to see you ART Flowers LA!


Wrapping up, I shall admit that this interview has really inspired me to add more blooms and colors to my life. If you still have questions about ART Flowers LA, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. These guys are truly passionate about what they do!

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