Developers make new plans for Main Street 

Newhall Crossings is a project built by the Serrano Development Group down the street from a plan that was submitted in April. Signal file photo
Newhall Crossings is a project built by the Serrano Development Group down the street from a plan that was submitted in April. Signal file photo

A pair of projects were proposed for the 24300 block of Main Street in Newhall last month, according to records obtained from Santa Clarita City Hall. 

The development group behind Newhall Crossings is looking to make another splash on Main Street with designs for a new project near the corner of Market Street, at the property currently occupied by Mac’s Pool & Spa Supply. 

And just across the street, plans have been submitted for a three-story mixed-use development that would take up 24317 to 24321 Main St., which is currently occupied by an insurance sales office, a military surplus store and a vacant storefront. 

City officials previously have described a one-stop review application as “a preliminary design review of a plan concept,” calling it an informational process that does not lead to any approvals.     

24300-24316 Main St. 

Jason Tolleson, principal with Serrano Development Group, confirmed Tuesday that plans have been submitted with the city for the property currently occupied by the pool supply store, as well as two adjacent lots.  

The preliminary concept is a request to look at a mixed-use development that will use the land from the pool store to the intersection, which includes a salon space, also. 

“We’re really excited,” Tolleson said, regarding plans for a mixed-use project not unlike one his company built just down the street, he said. 

The preliminary plans call for a four-story, 51-apartment complex on top of 3,361 square feet of retail space. Using basement parking, the property, which includes a parking lot from Mac’s, would be able to provide 74 spaces, according to the preliminary proposal. 

“It’s a perfect location for the project. We’ve had a wonderful experience working with Santa Clarita and we’re hopeful that we can come up with a concept that everybody’s very excited about.” 

He also said the plans were in the early stage and he was still working with city officials regarding what could be done with the property.  

Tolleson hoped to be able to attain the necessary entitlements for the project by the end of this year, he added. 

Newhall Crossings is a mixed-use project just down the road at 24450 and 24480 Main St., which Tolleson described as a “unique street with very high demand from both retailers and renters.” 

24317-24321 Main St. 

Just across the road, plans for a mixed-used development have been proposed for a space currently occupied by three smaller retail locations. 

Kim Williams and Robert Younkin are listed as the consultant and applicant for the project, respectively, according to the one-stop application. Neither were immediately available for comment on the plans Tuesday. 

The project would demolish the existing storefront and construct a new three-story mixed-use development, which would include 1,975 square feet of parking (eight spots), two retail units totaling 2,400 square feet, a two-story townhouse of 1,600 square feet and 2,500 square feet of “open space.” (Development codes allow projects to consider everything from balconies to yards to wide swaths of undeveloped land as open space.)  

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