How to apply video effects correctly and efficiently: tips for beginners


It’s hard to imagine a modern video in TikTok without interesting processing. Especially if we are talking about videos that do not have a bright memorable idea or a feature that will grab people’s attention. Processing includes the imposition of video effects, and from how qualitatively they will be made, depends on how much the viewer will like the video. For this purpose, beginner bloggers should use a TikTok editing app, such as VJump. Here you can find tons of ideas on how to design your video, and it’s also very easy to do so. The following are tips for beginners on which effects to choose, how to apply them and how to do it well.

Choose simple effects

If you are just starting your path in blogging, it is worth starting with the simplest. This is so that you learn how to handle different effects and find your signature style. Examples of simple basic effects:

· disappearing an object;

· cloning;

· changing speed.

You can always see examples of what these look like on the TikTok video editor website. What’s good about these effects:

· easy to create;

· allow you to practice and understand how it works;

· help you find your own style;

· do not require a lot of time for their creation.

Thus, for beginners it will be the best option.

How not to ruin the quality of the video after applying effects?

Quite a common situation that beginners face when they start editing TikTok video is a decrease in the quality of the original picture. In order to eliminate this situation, you need to apply the following tips:

· in the TikTok settings allow uploading video in the original size;

· shoot initially in good lighting, so that the light source is on the same side as the camera and is directed at the main subject;

· use high-quality processing applications and save the video from there without changing the quality;

· when sending a file via messengers, send it as an archive or uncompressed so as not to lose quality.

Using the best TikTok editing app you do not risk the problem of low quality, which is quite important, since viewers in this social network prefer to watch high-quality videos. In addition, high resolution will allow you to show the effect as clearly as possible without missing different details, which is also useful for keeping the attention of viewers.

Armed with the help of such an application as VJump and applying the tips given in this article, any user will get a result that will satisfy even the most demanding person to quality.

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