Things to Know about the Nile River Cruise in Egypt 


Nile River Cruise is a magical vessel from the heavens designed by brilliant minds who desire to offer everyone around the world the chance to fully explore all the rich culture and immortal history of this holy, unique land. The Nile River Cruise will shed some light on the divine essence of this miraculous country that has survived for more than 5000 years across the majestic cities of Luxor and Aswan. Check out Nile River Cruise by Egypt Tours Portal, which has great reviews and a good reputation and is recommended by a lot of trusted travel resources and travelers. Since Victorian times, the Nile River Cruise has acted as a source of inspiration and tranquility, like the famous Agatha Christie wrote the legendary Novel “Death on the Nile” in 1937. 

The Tremendous History of the Nile River Cruises 

The history of the Nile River Cruises dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century when the Nile River Cruises became the centerpiece of Upper Egypt Exploration. Before the Nile Cruise, there was the dahabiya a large houseboat with cross-sails that runs on wind power and took 50 days to travel from Cairo to Luxor and then more than two weeks explore Luxor and Aswan. Everything changed in Egypt in 1870 AD when the British tourism company Thomas Cook Ltd brought a new technology called speedy steamers, which led to the creation of the Nile cruise, which was able to speed the time of each tour by two-thirds or half as the journey from Cairo to Aswan to take 20 days and from Luxor to Aswan a week. The Dahabiyas evolved to hold speedy steamers but were built much smaller than a traditional Nile cruise as they were reserved for the leisured and wealthy travelers who were looking for privacy.  

What is the Best Nile Cruise Type and Time Suitable for me 

The Nile Cruises comes in three categories: the first is the standard Nile Cruise, which is very popular among budget travelers; the second is the Luxury Nile Cruise, which offers all five stars of service across the trip; the final is the High Luxury Nile Cruise, which offers royalty service and highest form of relaxation. The best time to enjoy a Nile cruise is between October and April in the winter, but in the summer, from May to September, it tends to have a unique feeling as the monuments shine under the sun’s heavenly rays. Nile curies from Luxor to Aswan would take 5 days, but from Aswan to Luxor, it would take 4 days. 

What are the Facilities of The Nile Cruise 

Every Nile Cruise will include Wi-Fi and satellite phone, a sun deck, and an inner swimming pool so that everyone can relax under the enchanting skies; a full entertaining center where belly dancing shows and Nubian parts take place weekly, a lounge bar, a discotheque, the main restaurant, a safe deposit box, a laundry, beauty center, Gym, a spa and gift shops. All the accommodations are very relaxing and top-rated, with both deluxe single- and double-beds offering the finest view from the amazing windows. All the cabins have air-conditioning, a satellite TV, a hair dryer, a mini fridge, an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub, and an overhead shower. 

How to Enjoy the Best Nile River Cruise In Egypt Between Luxor and Aswan 

In order to enjoy the best Nile Cruise, every traveler should determine their budget so they can choose the most ideal Nile Cruise. Before booking your Nile Cruise, everyone should check all the Nile River Cruise categories that are most suitable for them and check the availability of your Nile Cruise. Every Traveler should pick what to wear and bring during their Nile cruise, such as personal essential items such as credit or debit cards, cash money, sunscreen, sunglasses, any prescribed medication, a T-shirt and shorts, plus some walking shoes, a hat, and a scarf. You should have a light backpack on you and have your entire passport, travel documents, and any contact info. Determine the exact time you are going to spend on board a Nile Cruise. Choose which ancient monument you want to explore, such as the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple complex, Hatshepsut Temple, Abu Simbel Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Philae Temple, Edfu Temple, and many more. 


The Nile River Cruise is the ultimate way to complete journey across Egypt and enjoy a heavenly vacation among the mesmerizing wonders of Egypt in total comfort and joy onboard these amazing floating hotels where all dream are a reality. The Nile River Cruise will offer the ride of a lifetime for every traveler looking to make every moment of their Egypt tour special. 

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