The Evolution of Academic Assistance: Pre-Written Essays for Sale in the Digital Age


Writing used to be a solitary job where writers would sit at the table in their studies to scribble away imaginary scenarios, people, and events. Today, writing is much more collaborative with writers working out of cafes and dormitories with other students. Academic writing has seen a lot of change in the recent days, thanks to the internet and the AI.

In this blog, we will take a look at academic assistance for students and how pre-written essays for sale are changing the landscape.

Evolution of Academic Assistance

The history of academic assistance for students has been nothing short of a saga. In this section, we will take a look at three major phases in the evolution of academic assistance and how it led to pre-written essays for sale.

Peers and Siblings

In the beginning, meaning before the internet, students do not have any way to seek help from others, save their peers and siblings with some experience. This was easily accessible but it was crude with no guarantee of success and a lot of chances of hit and miss.

AI Essay Writing Tools

With the advancement of the internet and writing tools, AI took center stage with amazing capabilities and scope. But the nascent hype has died down as teachers and instructors have found out ways to tackle AI in essays and papers.

Pre Written Essays for Sale

Today, essays for sale offer amazing value to students in terms of their scope, range, pricing, availability, and so on. Let’s take a look at some of the salient features that make them the ultimate rendition of academic assistance for students in schools and colleges.

Immediate Access

The first thing that is great about these pre-written essays for sale is the first part of their name. Since they are already finished, students do not have to wait for hours or days, and even pay a premium, to get one of these. All it takes is to go to the relevant website, find the right essay, pay for it, and that’s it. From start to finish, it takes no more than a couple of minutes!

Wide Range of Topics

Companies dealing with pre-written essays for sale have dedicated teams for researching the market. They anticipate the demand and come up with topics and titles that cover all the bases for students across the world. That’s why you will find a wide range of amazing essays and papers, available just a download away.

Affordable Pricing

Students do not have surplus cash lying around the dorm to spend on food and essentials, let alone buying essays from essay writing companies. They charge a premium on custom orders and take at least a day to write a 500-word essay. This is where pre-written essays for sale shine as they are available for a fraction of the price with all the benefits.

Lucrative Add-Ons

You might have a notion that once you download a pre-written essay, you are on your own. That’s not true as many reputed companies offer lucrative add-ons and perks to sweeten the deal. For instance, for a nominal price, you can ask for essay editing services. This will allow you to get all the changes in the essay without doing anything yourself. 

Things to Look For Before Buying Pre-Written Essays for Sale

Although pre-written essays for sale are great, you need to do some due diligence before paying your hard-earned cash. Here are some of the things you should check before moving forward with the purchasing of an essay online:

  • The essay should be written by professional writers with experience in academic writing and editing.
  • There should be an established brand behind the development of pre-written essays for sale.
  • You should look for perks and benefits, such as title pages, free formatting, and downloadable plagiarism reports in order.
  • The company has reviews and testimonials from other customers so that you know they are for real.

Wrapping Up

Academic assistance for students in the digital age has come a long way, from its humble roots. Today, students can order a complete essay from the comfort of their homes and get one in seconds. We have covered some aspects in the blog for your assistance in finding the right pre-written essay for sale.

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