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The modern-day Sherlock Holmes

For many, the traditional picture of a private investigator conjures up an image of someone dressed in a dark overcoat and fedora who sneaks around

SCV residents helping each other out

When 62-year-old Janine Mai posted on Facebook, asking for suggestions because her usual home-delivery grocery service was completely booked, she had no idea she’d be

Sherwoods share their stories

Everyone always asks Canyon Country resident Rocky Sherwood if he was named after the movie. “No, I was 10 when that movie came out in

Kevin Thompson— Munchkins and Ewoks

The final installment of the “Star Wars” film saga, “The Rise of Skywalker,” opened in theaters Dec. 20. The events in the movie, which happen in a galaxy, far, far away, wrap up the nine-part movie franchise which began in 1977 with “Star Wars: A New Hope.”

Big dreams in Sand Canyon

With the formation of successful startup companies, foundations and leadership centers throughout his career, Steve Kim is no stranger to business ventures.

Making a name for themselves in SCV

Hollywood is just a stone’s throw (and a good hour in moderate traffic) away from Santa Clarita, and the town has often made appearances on the big screen. Actors are often spotted around town, but some of Awesome’s own young residents are making names for themselves in Tinseltown.

A flight path forged by fortitude

The men and women who make up the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Air Operations Unit enjoy a slightly different commute than most.  Early each