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Ten Thanksgiving fun facts

1. The First Thanksgiving Took Place in 1621 Although there are several accounts as to where the first Thanksgiving celebration took place, the most well-known

Where are the best tacos in town?

Tacos, and their various toppings, salsas and shells, comprise a touchy, yet important topic to a number of local residents. Where do your taco loyalties

A new leash on life as a peer support K-9

Whoever said old dogs can’t learn new tricks hasn’t met Ginger, the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station’s new peer support K-9. “We’ve had a rough

Getting ready for the Dark Realm

By Caleb Lunetta Signal Senior Staff Writer Regardless of whether you flee from them or run toward them, the haunted houses around the Santa Clarita

Celebrating our All-Star City

By Bill Miranda Santa Clarita City Mayor It is time to celebrate Santa Clarita! After months of restrictions, we are excited to welcome the community

Roeper recommendations for upcoming shows

By Richard Roeper Signal Contributing Writer Here are the rest of the “award-season” shows that Richard Roeper is looking forward to between now and Thanksgiving.

Safely freezing your garden vegetable

To say that COVID-19 transformed daily life would be an understatement. Few, if any, aspects of life were untouched once the virus hit. One aspect