Our View | Strong-Arming Santa Clarita

By The Signal Editorial Board It’s a classic case of a solution looking for a problem. Bay Area attorney Scott Rafferty has threatened the city of Santa Clarita with a lawsuit if the city doesn’t switch from its current “at large” system of electing City Council members to a “by-district” system in which each council seat would represent a designated

Our View | Which Heroes Are Favored?

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is at it again — picking winners and losers in the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is familiar with the

Our View | For the Sake of Our Kids…

It’s time. Eleven months after the state closed our schools, and we are sneaking up on one entire year, lost.  We understand why the schools

Our View | Cancel Books or Read Them?

The history of the American experience is complicated. It has more than its share of battle scars, bumps in the road and episodes of downright

Our View | Barger Makes Stand for Victims

Once again, L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger has demonstrated her leadership by helping to protect the rights of her constituents. Last week she sent a

Our View | America, Welcome to ‘1984’

By The Signal Editorial Board Large corporations colluding with political leaders and government to shut down ideas and speech they don’t agree with. Eliminating communication

Our View | Endorsements: A Final Recap

By The Signal Editorial Board Over the past several weeks, we have published endorsements for various races on Tuesday’s election ballot. For those who have