Our View | Israel-Hamas: No Moral Equivalency

Our View

By The Signal Editorial Board

We learned something unsettling this week: That is, among us in Santa Clarita, there are at least a few people who find it perfectly acceptable to chop babies’ heads off in pursuit of a political goal.

They support terrorism. And they put that support on display Tuesday.

There can be no other explanation for the approximately 50 people who showed up to disrupt a rally and prayer vigil in support of Israel, staging a rally of their own and attempting to drown out the speeches of those who gathered to express their support of Israel in the face of a bloody war started by the terrorist organization, Hamas. 

One week ago, Hamas’ fighters — if you can call them that — staged cowardly raids into Israel, crossing the border from the Gaza Strip and intentionally targeting unarmed civilians, slaughtering hundreds in their homes, in their beds, at a music festival, and more.

The details of what ensued are widely known by now: The Hamas terrorist organization was responsible for rapes, hostage abductions, cold-blooded executions, burning children alive and, yes, beheading infants.


Horrified, the Santa Clarita Valley Jewish community and its supporters planned a rally in front of Santa Clarita City Hall on Tuesday as a show of support for Israel and the victims of Hamas’ barbaric attack. About 200 people showed up in support.

When word spread of the rally, individuals who support the Hamas attack staged a rally of their own, attempting to shout down those who supported Israel, playing loud music to try to drown out the pro-Israel speeches and prayers.

You can argue all you want about whether there should be a Palestinian state — that’s a complicated issue wrought with millennia of conflict. 

But make no mistake: By “standing with” Hamas at this specific point in time, by demonstrating against those who support Israel in the face of the barbaric acts perpetrated by Hamas, you are doing much more than arguing for a Palestinian state.

You are also endorsing the actions of Hamas. You are endorsing terrorism. You are endorsing antisemitism. You are endorsing rape. You are endorsing the targeting of innocents. 

You’re endorsing the beheading of babies.

To say we are shocked and disappointed is an understatement. It was unsettling to say the least to learn that, among our neighbors in Santa Clarita, there is even a small number of people who find nothing wrong with what Hamas did one week ago.

We now know that at least some of them came from elsewhere, just to join the protest. And to those of you who came from other cities and find what Hamas did acceptable, even justified: We do not welcome you in our community.

And we’ve never said that to any group before. 

There are lines you cannot cross and be within the realm of acceptance. In contemplating the cause of those who showed up to stand with Israel in the face of terrorism, and those who showed up to disrupt them, in defense of terrorism, there is no moral equivalency.


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