Community Letter – 9-12-16

Yesterday one of our umbrellas blew over our fence and landed on the back slope. I climbed down the slope to try to get it back up. While trying to unfold the umbrella I heard someone behind me say, “You need some help?” There was a guy that had just climbed over the street wall. He had a badge so I thought he was a cop till I saw the fire truck. He took the umbrella, unfolded it and took it up the slope to our back yard. After I finally got up the slope I shook his hand, thanked him and told him I had just had my 91st birthday and was not as frisky as I used to be. I went into the house and told the wife she would not believe what had just happened. I would just like the people living in Saugus to know how thoughtful our firefighters are. Ron Carter, Saugus