DFYIT presents ‘Art of Saying No’ exhibit

DFYIT is the city of Santa Clarita’s voluntary school-based drug prevention education program.

A new art exhibit, presented by DFYIT, will be on display though Thursday, Nov. 10 in the First Floor Gallery at City Hall, located at 23920 Valencia Blvd., Valencia

The exhibit, entitled “The Art of Saying No,” is an artistic interpretation of what it means to live a drug-free lifestyle by DFYIT members. From photographs to watercolor paintings, DFYIT members created art that reflects the negative consequences that they associate with drug abuse and why they choose to “Say No.” Artwork also reflects how they make positive and healthy life choices in spite of peer pressure and images in the media that downplay the reality of drug abuse.

One of the pieces of displayed art will be “Side Effects,” a drawing by Saugus High School DFYIT member Marc Paz. The drawing shows a pair of lungs made up of wilting flowers that illustrate the damage caused by cigarettes.

Another featured piece is “Disconnect,” by Sequoia School DFYIT member Sam Embuido. The mixed-media piece shows a girl floating through space, unable to pull herself back to reality while under the influence.

The exhibit will feature works from other DFYIT members including Chloe Anderson (Saugus High School), Kayla Song (Hart High School), Sarah Backer (Hart High School) and Mariah Linear (Golden Valley High School).

DFYIT is the city of Santa Clarita’s voluntary school-based drug prevention education program in partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles County Fifth Supervisorial District and the William S. Hart Union High School District. The program empowers, recognizes, and celebrates drug-free students. With a growing student population, involvement in the community, and both educational and social components, the DFYIT program is a way for students to say no to drug use.

For more information on DFYIT, visit DFYITSCV.com or call (661) 250-3708.

For more information about “The Art of Saying No” exhibit, please contact Jeff Barber, Santa Clarita Arts and Events Supervisor, at (661) 250-3779 or [email protected].

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