Meet Meghan, Local Six-Year-Old Artist

Meghan, a six-year-old local artist, proudly displays her artwork. Courtesy photo

Six-year-old Meghan McMahon has been calling herself an artist for the last year and a half. Her mother, Lida, signed her up for art class at KidsArt. There she learned how to shade and mix colors. “I am now trying to find other teachers for her to support her interest!” says Lida.

“I believe her favorite medium is acrylic paint. She also enjoys textures and mixing crafts with her paintings. We are always asking if she created her art by herself because we are amazed!”

A fellow parent who works at Mattel saw her work and said she had a future in either art, graphics, or animation.

Meghan says she would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She just started horseback riding lessons at Heavens Hoofprints in Castaic. “Meghan adores horses,” says her mom.

Mom is a much more practical person and hopes Meghan would pursue law or medicine. But even she can see that Meghan has some talent that she must support.

Meghan’s art was chosen and used for the back cover of the Sunshine Preschool 2014/2015 yearbook.

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